Winter Cycle Style: Winter Hair

Helmets and hats can be a highlight of winter style, but sadly, bundling up in a cap under a helmet frequently leaves our hair static-y, flat, and utterly mussed-up. As a result, we tend to skimp on the styling (why put in the effort when our coiffs are going to get ruined, anyway?), which leaves us looking schlump-y on the street — and downright disheveled once we get inside.

From the perfect textured ‘do curls to glam waves to complement your boho-glam cap, these styles will look amazing on their own, and even better when accessorized. Check out these looks and DIY them, stat. Staying cozy never looked this glam. preferredmodewinter Image Courtesy of Preferred Mode


Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

The Curly Bob- Curly hair is the perfect candidate for a faux bob, as the extra texture makes the style less stark and more genuine-looking. This look is perfect after taking off a helmet and doing a quick fix to look like you were’t wearing a helmet at all.

winterhair3 Image Courtesy of Home And Delicious

The Messy Pony– LOVE ponytails? They don’t have to be sleek and picture-perfect to pull off. In our opinion-the messier the pony, the better.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The Turban– Whether you want to warm your ears in this chilly weather or look tres boho, the turban piece is an unexpected touch but really ties the entire look together and makes it feel warm for a fresh winter look.

winterhair5 Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

Parted Bangs– We know you’ve been growing them out all winter, so why not try a different look with them? Part them to the middle or to the side et viola, you have sweat free bangs under that helmet and a whole new you!


Image Courtesy of Refinery29

Fishtail Braid-  The ever-baffling fishtail braid (we swear, it’s easier than it looks!), perfect for an under the helmet delicate look.

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