What’s in my bike pannier: working girl essentials

bike_pannier_4 Today was a gorgeous day for a morning brisk ride to work. While it still feels cool out, I wanted to greet the day with a splash of color and excitement while riding my bike. Being a working woman and cycling to work isn’t so hard when you have the right set of cute bike gear and the style to back you up with a feel good attitude.

bike_pannier_2 My gear and wheels for the road. bike_pannier_3 A working woman’s must have bicycle skirt garter clip.
bike_pannier_5 Safety while commuting to work is essential as much as the noise coming from a cute bicycle bell.

bike_pannier The Bobbin Bike Pannier is one of my favorite bicycle panniers for the commuting. Not only is it really cute but it carries all my working girl essentials from my IPhone, wallet, high-heels, laptop, u-lock, notebook, and sunnies. This working girl couldn’t have asked for more! What type of cute commuting gear do you cycle to work with?


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