What’s in my bike basket: yoga gear

yoga_bike_bike Stretching those bicycle legs is essential to keep them in pedal power order. Yoga is the perfect way to get the type of toe reach you need to relax your muscles. On my way to yoga class, I took along my House of Talents bicycle basket and carried some yoga goodies for the long stretch.

yoga_bike_bike_1 How do you carry your yoga goods around when cycling?

yoga_bike_bike_2 This basket was perfect for carrying all my yoga gear. We really love the function of good work behinds these handmade beauties. These one-of-a-kind bike baskets come in all types of colors and just make your bike look so adorable!

yoga_bike_bike_3 Here’s what’s been hanging in my bike basket for yoga class… Banyan & Bo Ultra Support Yoga Mat, a u-lock, gym locker lock, keys, cash for a tea after, a snack, and to quench my thirst, my Sigg.

What are your favorite yoga poses for stretching your bicycle body?


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