What’s in my bike basket: Groceries By Bike


Grocery shopping with your bicycle basket doesn’t have to be a heavy load, however, it’s important to think ahead of the kind of shopping you’ll be doing on two wheels, that way you can plan ahead your route and the size basket you’ll need to carry your goodies home.


Some things essential to doing a quick grocery run, whether your pedaling 5 blocks down the street or rolling a mile away, is your bike lock, a sturdy bike basket, a small purse, and a tote bag. Easy for the haul, no?!

grocery_run_by_bike_7 Even wearing the right set of shoe gear to haul a load home can make the pushing easier. Thank goodness we don’t have to many hills in New York! My Minnetonkas are so comfortable and easy to pedal in.

grocery_run_by_bike_5 A view of what’s in my bike basket. It was a light shopping day.


Here’s what I carried home in my bike basket to and from the store, yay greens for pedal power! A bike lock is always a must along with a small handbag, that way carrying your goods home doesn’t become over powered by carrying a purse.


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