What’s In My Bike Basket: Date Night!

date_night_by_Bike_4 Theres nothing like a date night and bicycle ride to ignite the spark. Whether you’re meeting up after work or just heading out to your favorite restaurant together, make sure you’re always prepared and have your date kit handy in your bicycle basket.

date_night_by_Bike_3 Can’t hold hands to keep warm while bicycling together? With temperatures diving, I was reminded to dress cozy for our ride without compromising my fashion sense, thus these diy fingerless gloves came in handy and kept me warm.
date_night_by_Bike_2 Here’s a tip for carrying your long strapped purse in your bike basket, wrap you straps over the handlebars, that way when you hit some bumps on the road, it won’t fly out!

date_night_by_Bike What I needed to carry in my Nantucket bicycle basket for date night is a one simple souped-up date kit that has everything I needed for the night — lipstick, sunnies, gum, powder, phone, keys, and a chic bag to keep it all in.

Do you have a date kit that you carry for date nights? If so, what do you carry?

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