What’s In My Bike Basket: Bird Watching

Bird_watching_By_Bike_2 Cue the tiny violins: You’ve come to the beginning of holiday season and we are craving some adventure to get our time off on a good start.  To enable your holiday daydreaming — and expose you to some unique ideas that might otherwise fly under your radar during this season, we went on a little day trip by bike to go bird watching and show you how we did it! Bird_watching_By_Bike What would we carried in bike basket for bird watching? Well, the essentials of course. A strong bicycle basket pannier by Nantucket, a leopard print bicycle helmet by Sawako Furuno, along with a camera, journal, birdwatching guide, and binoculars. Bird_watching_By_Bike_1 Carrying the essential was easy on our way to our destination and the pannier was super strong and steady while being able to handle all the bumps and gravel of the road. Bird_watching_By_Bike_3 What’s even great about having so many options about bike baskets is the type of basket you need for your destination. Who knew bike basket panniers could be so essential to any destination!

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