What I Wore: Commuter Jeans from Levi’s


Over the past few years Levi’s has offered bike friendly clothes for men – from jeans with U-lock storage on the waistband to tops with greater mobility. Hey, Levis! What about the ladies?  Well, they heard us.  Recently, Levi’s launched a similar line of bike friendly apparel for women by offering jeans, shorts, tops and jackets designed for the everyday bike commuter.


I had the opportunity to try out the new skinny bike friendly jeans this past week. With thoughts of warm, spring rides on my mind, I slipped on the skinny women’s commuter jeans in baby blue.  Right away, I noticed the high waist that was pretty flattering. But I also noticed that the fabric (60% Cotton, 30% Other Fibres, 8% Polyester, 2% Elastane) was a little on the thin side, which made panty lines pretty apparent. The jeans also had deep back pockets that’ll keep your keys or lipstick from slipping out mid-ride.  Overall, the pants had a nicely tailored fit that was flattering on my curvy shape. I rolled up the cuff to expose the reflective seam detail which will come in really handy to increase visibility at night.  Not to mention, I thought that little detail looked pretty cute with my wood Hasbeen sandals during the day.


Now, for the most important test. I jumped on my bike and noticed right away the pants high waist not only was flattering but also provided great backside coverage. The fabric was flexible and very comfortable while pedaling around my Brooklyn neighborhood.  However, my earlier observation of the thin fabric wrinkled pretty easy on the bike and looked a little disheveled at the end of the test ride.

P1130283 Womens_Levis_Bike_Commuter_Jeans_reflective

Overall, there are way more pros than cons for these jeans that give us one more reason to love looking great while riding a bike. Pro tip: I would recommend ordering one size smaller since they run a little big. Who can find jeans these days for under $100 that truly look good on and off a bike? Thanks Levis for making such a great product for bike commuting women!



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