Ultimate Guide: Train Your Dog to Ride in a Bike Basket


What’s better than riding your bike to the park for a leisurely picnic? Riding your bike to the park with your pooch front-and-center in your new bicycle pet carrier. Are you holding back on a basket for your dog because you think he won’t stay inside? Here are 9 training tips to help keep your best friend safe and happy. Just don’t forget to bring your little buddy treats and a bowl of water for the picnic!

  1. Select a bike basket where your dog can sit comfortably inside.
  2. Add a blanket or pillow to the bottom of the basket for added comfort.
  3. Tie your dog securely in the basket with a dog harness or leash. If your want more protection for your dog, check out the Bike Basket Pet Carrier which has a cage on top of the basket.
  4. Walk the bike with your dog in the basket a few times before taking him for a real ride.
  5. While walking, talk to him and keep a hand on him, urging him to sit and relax. Reward with treats.
  6. Ride up and down the sidewalk for a few days letting him get used to the movement and turning motions. Keep your hand on him if necessary. Make the sessions short at first and gradually lengthen as he becomes more comfortable.
  7. Find a bump or rough spot like you would normally encounter while riding and go over it repeatedly and constantly reassure him each time until you notice he is able to anticipate what is going to happen and seems to be more relaxed about it.
  8. Try to anticipate things that might scare or excite your dog like riding near loud traffic, encountering large dogs, cats or squirrels and expose him to them.
  9. Reward with treats and in no time you and pooch will ride safely and stylishly.

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