The Ultimate Guide: Biking to the Beach


Surf, sun, and summer fun.  It can all be yours when you bike to the beach this summer and soak up the sun. This summer our favorite sunny places include Playland in Rockaway beach, boardwalk at Coney Island and the surf at Jacob Riis Beach which are super easy to ride from our office in Brooklyn.  We’re sure you’re ready to hit the shores too, but before you do, be sure to check out our favorite essentials for biking to the beach this season.


1. (of course) Bring a bikini- We are crushing over this Mara Hoffman kaleidoscopic print bikini from Madewell. This supercool swimsuits, like this vividly patterned bikini top with a soft ruffle.

2. Stay hydrated-Bring a chilled water bottle in your basket for your ride to the beach. We like this metallic bottle from S’well which are made from completely nontoxic materials—we’ll drink (water) to that!

3. Protect your eyes-Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV on the ride. Try to start your ride to the beach in the early morning instead of midday when the sun rays are not so powerful. We like these sorbet colored cat-eyed sunnies from Modcloth.

4. Protect your skin too-Apply at least SPF 50 for the bike ride to the beach and reapply when you get to your destination. We like Kiehl’s oil-free and ultra-lightweight texture Super Fluid UV Defense.

5. Protect your bike-Bring a bike lock in your bike basket. Rolling your bike across sand is no fun in 90 degrees. Instead find a shady place along the beach boardwalk to safely store your bike while you hit the surf.

6. Wear back strap sandals-Flip flops can fall off easily while you are pedaling your bike. Instead stay cool in these sandals that help keep your sandals in place while you ride. We love these gold minimalist sandals from Sam Edelman for the beach ride. You will look cute on and off the beach too.

7. Choose a vented bike helmet- Stay safe by not skipping a bike helmet for your ride. Instead choose a bike helmet that has amble vents to help keep the air circulating and your head cool while you ride.

8. Use a bike basket instead of backpack-A bike basket is a prefect way to carry your beach essentials instead of a backpack. A backpack can make you pretty sweaty on the ride so the less you carry close to your skin the cooler you will feel.

9. Wear loose fitting clothes-We love wearing a romper since it’s super lightweight, great coverup and easy to pedal and move.

10. Bring a snack- You can burn around 400 calories a hour while biking so bring a snack like a granola bar to help keep you pedaling.

11. Listen to some tunes-Music helps keep me motivated during a longer bike ride to the beach. Have you seen these wireless speakers that look like a lego from Jambox? Just pair this speaker to your phone and throw in your bike basket.

12. Use a bike bell-Most city have laws that require a bike bell. So add a bike bell on your handlebars just in case you are riding to a beach town that requires them. Also, it’s a good idea anyways since it’s a quick way to alert other beach bums crossing the boardwalk.

What are your plans this summer?


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