The Cat’s Out of the Bag: 3 Ways to Carry a Cat by Bicycle

It’s ridiculous, right?  It’s one with to bike with your baby in tow, and it’s completely reasonable to bring your pooch along for a ride.  But carrying a cat by bicycle?  Although it’s not often done, it certainly can be, and it’s a lot more practical than you might think.

Cats are a lot more sensitive than dogs, and our feline friends are often homebound, especially in cities where outdoor exploration could be quite dangerous.  But if you’re both a dedicated cyclist and devoted cat-owner, you’ll be interested in this short list of ways to get from point A to point B with a feline for company, whether you’re cruising around town or taking a trip to the vet.

image Photo Credit: Pinterest

1. If you’re biking with a well travelled cat-about-town, you might be able to get away with sticking him in a rear-mounted crate.  These upcycled bicycle crates are handmade from vintage materials and lend an antique air to any cycle and are a pretty sweet ride for cool cats.  

2. If you’re planning on reaching high speeds or encountering any rough terrain, however, we recommend a more secure carrier, something more along the lines of this Cocoon Cat Carrier by designer Olivier Gregoire.  The aerodynamic carrier mounts on the front of your bike and keeps kitty well insulated from overwhelming stimuli on the streets while allowing him to get plenty of fresh air.


Photo Credit: Modern Cat

3. If you (or your cat) aren’t as into modernism as the above biker, we think that this Nantucket Basket Co. Pet Carrier might be more your speed.  The sturdy rattan basket gives your bike a vintage feel, while the wire cage lid keeps your kitten safe and secure.  For extra comfort, there’s even a plush pillow that’s easily removable and machine washable.image

Of course, your pet’s safety should be your first concern.  Check with your vet to make sure your cat is capable of traveling by bike, and introduce your pet to the road slowly and carefully to avoid sudden scares or anxiety.  Some of these tips for biking with your dog can be adapted for woman’s other best friend.

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