Picnic By Bike

Picnic by way of bike is easy when you’re fully equipped with the utensils you need to conquer hunger. At Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies, park picnics are a summer necessity. Here are some of our picnic must haves!


What would a picnic be without a cute wicker basket to transport all of your tasty goods in? Our favorite picnic basket is this Nantucket Picnic Bike Basket, that is lined with red and white gingham, making it an instant picnic staple. Did we mention that it’s completely bike friendly? This basket can easily be fastened and removed from your bike’s handlebars!


Another one of our picnic favorites is an Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack. It is perfect for safely transporting your favorite bottle of vino in style and can be adjusted to fit different sized bottles.

With picnic basket fastened and wine bottle secured it’s time to get down to our favorite goods to keep inside the basket.

This reusable travel picnic placemat is one of our favorites. We love how it can be used to store utensils inside a compartment of the roll and how it can double as a placemat!image

Utensils, placemats and a basket in check, now the only thing missing is the food! We’ve pulled together some of our favorite picnic foods that will leave you satisfied and refreshed without feeling stuffed, so you can still enjoy the day to ride around the park.

One of our picnic favorites is a watermelon punch bowl. Not only will you wow all of your friends by your innovative punch bowl, but also the thick skin of the watermelon will ensure your drink stays chilled for hours. As far as coolers go, it doesn’t get much cuter than that!
Worried that the watermelon won’t fit inside the basket? Take a look at some of our vintage upcycled bicycle crates. They are a lifesaver and make transporting larger items a jiffy.

Watermelon_punch_bowl     Picnic crate

Everyone loves baguette, but bring a stuffed baguette and expect to be treated like royalty for the day! Plus making this supped up bread is a lot easier than it looks. All it takes is a little night prep and overnight refrigeration and you’re good to go. Our favorite filling is goat cheese, olives, basil, roasted peppers and spicy capicola!



If you’re looking for something a bit heartier yet still picnic friendly, why not give these savory pastry puffs a try! These happen to be Mushroom pate filled but you can fill them with anything; chicken, pork, roasted vegetables, fruit, cheese…the possibilities are endless!

Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 1.03.09 PM


Want a dessert that will outlast the heat? Try this adorable mason jar apple crumble! It couldn’t be easier to make, and these mason jars make for easy transporting! Plus the fact that these jars are super stackable make it easy to pack in an extra jar incase you’re craving a second helping, we won’t tell!




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