Bicycling Chic in Sunny NYC

75 degrees, sunny in NYC. Took my bicycle for a ride up to Williamsburg for some thrift shopping for the store opening. Here is what I wore for the ride.

9 Stylish Reasons To Use A Bike Bell

Most bike rider don’t know but bike bells are required by law in most US cities. A bike bell is a good idea even if it’s not required by law in your town.

Here are 5 reasons to attach a bike bell to your bike’s handlebars.

  1. The bike bell let’s other bike riders know you are going to pass or close behind.
  2. A ringer on your handlebars is great to alert pedestrian when they walk out in bike lanes.
  3. It looks cute on your handlebars.
  4. The bike bell can draw attention from that cute guy on the sidewalk.
  5. The ringer can set the tone to your ride.

Here are 4 more reasons to attach a bike bell to your handlebars:

6. This pastel patterned bike bell is stylish and feminine.


7. A vintage-inspired black and white cameo adds sophistication and a luxurious feel to this bicycle bell.


Bike Planter

A planter for your bike? What?! This 3D printed planter is a must have for any green thumb cyclist. This is an cute way to add some green back to your wheels. This makes me think of the VW bugs that have the flower vase on the dashboard.

4 Ways to Stay Dry While you Bike in Rain

Rain and snow can be the worst enemy of a commute home by bike. So I rounded up some creative and stylish ways to stay dry and stylish while you ride your bike.



Rear Bicycle Crate


Great wood crate for your bike! Anyone can have a crate on the back on their bicycle. All you need is a rear back rack installed behind your seat.

Crocheted Inspired Bicycle Basket


A bike basket inspired by traditional crocheted tablecloths. Marie-Louise Gustafsson has created another great accessory for the urban cyclist: a granny-chic bike basket which can also be used as a shopping basket, a picnic basket, or turned upside down for an on-the-spot picnic table. Carrie Bicycle Basket includes a metal frame for added durability and comes with a set of hooks, while the shopping bag comes with the strap only.


5 Adorable Pups Who Love Bikes

My two favorite things in the world are dogs and bikes (and my husband of course). Unfortunately, I have never had the privilege to drive my pup around in my bike basket. My first dog Leroy was a rescued black pug. He didn’t like to sit still. My current pup Birdie is about 27 pounds and would probably break my bike handlebars. So, I decided to round up these 5 dog pictures who love to ride in a bike basket. Which one is your favorite? I’m kinda digging the pug of course.



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