Roll Out The Red Carpet: 7 Valentine’s Gifts for Bike Lovers


Valentine’s is but a heartbeat away, so if you’re still looking for the perfect gift for your bike riding sweetie we got you covered. Don’t be surprised when you fall head over wheels in love with red themed Valentine’s Day Gift ideas. OK, enough with all these mushy puns, here’s our favorite gifts for bike lovers.

♥ Red polka dot bike saddle cover ♥

♥ Apple of my eye bike helmet ♥

Red blanket scarf for cold weather bike commute ♥

♥ Martone cherry red bike splurge for your special someone ♥

♥ Leather driving gloves to keep fingers protected and warm ♥

♥ Gingham red and white bike bell ♥

♥ Red cape to keep warm and stop traffic ♥


Monday Muse: Cindy Crawford


Bike babe Cindy Crawford always looks casual chic while she cruises on her bicycle.

DIY: Bike Basket Pom Pom Garland



Everyone loves a pom pom and they’re so easy to make if you have the right tools. We created this super easy DIY pom pom garland tutorial to add some fun flair to your bike basket.

You will need:

  1. Woven bike basket
  2. Two balls of yarn in your favorite colors (we picked red and white for Valentine’s Day)
  3. Pair of crafting scissors
  4. Pom pom makers in multiple sizes. We got the makers from here

Step 1: Open up your pom pom maker and wrap the yarn tightly around the maker. The thicker you wrap your yarn the fuller your pom pom.


Close the one side of the pom pom maker and continue to wind the yarn around the spool around the other side. (more…)

Monday Muse: Solange Knowles


In November 2014, Solange Knowles married her longtime boyfriend Alan Ferguson in New Orleans. The newlyweds posed for pictures and rode away on matching white bikes. Too cute!

Safety First: Bike Arm Signals Illustration

Bike Arm signals

I came across this fun illustration from the talented graphic designer Wendy MacNaughton via Pinterest. This illustration is great reminder to use your arm signals when you ride your bike. Although, this illustration says it’s for San Francisco bicyclists, I think we can use it in NYC and across the country too.


Winter Biking Essentials: Tasteful + Toasty Gloves

WInter_Bike_Hair-2 { bike fancy }



a. tan shearling mittens from JCrew for $145

b. geometric mittens from ASOS for $45

c. tan shearling trim gloves from Nordstrom for $145

d fingerless gloves from Forever 21 for $5

e. quilted gloves with chain detail from Nasty Gal for $30

f. red ribbed gloves from Jcrew for $32

g. houndstooth gloves from Forever 21 for $13

h portolano leather driving gloves from Madewell for $145

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