6 U.S. Presidents Who Ride A Bike

Happy President’s Day! In honor of George Washington’s Birthday, we pulled together 6 U.S. Presidents of the past and present who enjoy a good bike ride. Sadly, these biking bureaucrats are not always so chic and could use a few tips.

Obama Bike

44th U.S. President: Barack Obama


43rd U.S. President: George W. Bush


42nd U.S. President: Bill Clinton


39th U.S. President: Jimmy Carter


41st U.S. President: George H. W. Bush


40th U.S. President: Ronald Reagan


Bike Style Interview: Vanessa and Annie of BFF Bikes


{ Photo by Joshua Alexandre Haines }

1. Tell us about BFF Bikes

BFF Bikes is a women focused bike shop so that means we have a much wider selection of women’s bikes, accessories, and apparel. Neither Vanessa or I come from the industry, but rather have spent a lot of time as the consumer and so we bring that perspective and created the kind of shop we wish existed. It has a bright, friendly, and up-beat atmosphere where everyone is welcome– including men. We love getting to know all our customers, whether they haven’t ridden a bike since they were a kid or if they are a long-time triathlete. We have a full service shop too and hold monthly basic fix-a-flat and maintenance classes as well as the occasional more advanced class. We also sponsor Chicago’s largest women’s only racing team and have open training rides. We’re very active in the cycling community and want to help it grow! (more…)

Street Style: 6 Stylish Biking Couples

Hello Lovecats! Valentine’s Day is only 3 days away so we pulled together 6 street style pictures of couples who don’t need a tandem to ride together. These stylish couples have mastered riding a bike together side saddle, by pegs, on handlebars and more.  Also, are you still trying to figure out Valentine’s Day plans with your loved one? Check out our 5 Cute Valentine’s Day Date by Bike ideas article. Couples_Biking-1

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Pivotte: Stylish, Technical Clothing for Women who Ride


We’re kind of crushing over the new designs from Pivotte that is launching on Kickstarter today. Pivotte was started by long time friends, Evelyn and Yehua, who were frustrated with wardrobes that didn’t meet their active lifestyles needs. The brooklyn based designers decided to create clothing that supports demanding schedules–where change in activities, environments, and roles might happen quickly and often like riding a bicycle.

Pivotte is 100% dedicated towards women’s performance wear. The collection is designed to withstand the rigors of work, play and travel through:

    • Advanced Fabrics: Provide unrestricted movement, complete comfort, and easy maintenance.
    • Technical Features: Stain, wrinkle and odor resistance, and moisture wicking.
    • Deliberate Details: The placement of seams increase range of motion and comfort.
    • Versatile Designs: Outfits can be dressed up or down.

Pivotte_StylePerformanceBike Check out all their designs here and help fund these talented ladies on Kickstarter!

♥ Facebook: PivotteStudioNYC

♥ Twitter: PivotteStudio

♥ Instagram: PivotteStudio

♥ Pinterest: Pivotte


Bike Style Interview: Nicole of Bicycle Bonjour



1. Tell us about Bonjour Bicycle

Bonjour Bicycle is a light-hearted blog that aims to get more women transport cyclists on the road. For the longest, I wanted to bike to work in DC but was terrified of the traffic, not sure about what to wear, and knew little about bicycles (or any of the accessories) for commuting. At some point, I became tired of thinking about riding and just started. And once I did, I began to get questions from other women, like me, who wanted to ride, have professional/office jobs, kids, etc. but who still wanted to travel on a bike and do so with style.

2. What is your favorite bike route?

I’m not sure if it’s a route per se, but I love riding the bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave. It’s such a great way to see the Capitol. And because the lanes are in the middle, you feel front and center.

3. How would you describe your bike style?

Girly, but practical. I love wearing fit-n-flare dresses, which are often considered girly. But these are also great for riding because you have so much freedom to move. Depending on the weather, I can pair them with tights, leggings, shorts, or a skirtweight, and I’m good to go.

4. What is your favorite restaurant?

This question is coming at the perfect time! My husband, son and I just came back from Charleston, SC and had the best experience at The Ordinary. The food was sublime, the service impeccable, and the setting perfect. Definitely an experience I will remember.

5. Who is someone you admire?

There are quite a few, but if I had to pick one it would be my mom. She’s incredibly strong – and has taught me to be strong – but with an equally big heart. I love her to bits!


Winter Biking: Quick & Easy DIY Hairstyle


Bike helmets and hats can be a highlight of winter biking style, but sadly, bundling up in a bike helmet frequently leaves our hair static-y, flat, and utterly messed-up. As a result, we tend to skimp on the styling. So my best friend and fellow biker Greer and I pulled together a quick and easy hair tutorial for milkmaid braids to go under your bike helmet. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • Bike helmet
  • Bobbie Pins
  • 2 Hair ties
  • Hairspray


STEP 1: Start by parting your hair down the middle so that both sides have equal amounts.


STEP 2: Gather half of your hair on one side of your head and begin to tightly braid this section. Secure the bottom with a hair tie.  (more…)

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