Girl’s Guide To Biking In The Polar Vortex

Here’s our guide to biking in the polar vortex since this winter seem like it’s never ending… Let’s face it, riding your bike in the snow and cold is not an easy walk through winter wonderland but with these 8 street-savvy refinements to your bike (think fenders!), wardrobe and bike-handling skills, you’ll be ready to roll in comfort, style, and safety. Bike in snow { Pinterest }

1. Let the Air Out-Lowering the pressure on your bike’s tire, can make it easier to ride in slick and icy conditions.


2. Dress Appropriately-Layer up! Heavy gloves, hat, scarf are a must in cold weather riding. Also, I love layering up with Uniqlo Heatech collection because it absorbs body moisture from riding to generate heat. It’s amazing!


3. Slow Down! Seriously, the more snow, the slower you should be going. Not only will this give you more time to stop, it will also give you more time to go around that ice (you saw that ice right, because you slowed down…right?), dodge that pedestrian, and avoid that jerk in the cab trying to pick up that pedestrian.


{ Thomas O’Hara }

4. Use Fenders-If you don’t have them, get them! Bike fenders help keep wet weather from splashing on your back.



5. Walk Your Bike-There is no shame in walking. If the snow is too deep or path too icy, jump off your bike and walk until there are better conditions. It’s ok.

Walking Bike In Snow

6. Wear sunglasses-Two reasons-glare & cold. The glare from the snow while riding your bike can make riding difficult and dangerous. Sunglasses are a great way to shield your eyes in the cold (no more tearing mascara runs). BONUS: Also, sunglasses can make you look stylish and chic.


{ Chictopia }

7. Stay hydrated and cool. Your body is working harder to keep warm but don’t let your clothing keep you overheated too. Take an extra pair of clothing in case you get wet or not warm enough.


8. Moisture up! Pack your bike pannier with face lotion, chapstick and kleenex to clean up a runny nose. Cold weather can be harsh on exposed skin while riding. Sephora sells great travel size products of your favorite brands so they don’t take up a lot of space.

Stay safe and warm in the polar vortex! Spring is just around the corner (I hope).

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