Four Legs, Two Wheels: A Tribute

We love to keep our friends close and our pets closer, so we’re all about bicycle pet carriers.  For example, this one from Nantucket Bike Basket Co. (for furry friends 10lbs or less) or Basil Pluto’s pet basket for pals up to 30lbs.

But just because that’s how we choose to get around with Fido or Felix, doesn’t mean it’s the status quo.  We thought we’d take some time to appreciate the various and sundry ways Man and Beast travel together by bike.image

Image Courtesy of We Heart Vintage

We like the idea of this tiny dog lounging under this awning while its owner pedals furiously towards their destination:image

Image Courtesy of Molly Blue

Sometimes the pooch takes the lead:imageImage Courtesy of Facing the Street

Other times the dog just cuts out the middleman: image

Image Courtesy of The FW

If you and your dog are easygoing, you just work with what you’ve got:image

Image Courtesy of Buzz Feed

And cats get around too.  This Roman feline is famous for piggybacking around the ancient capital:


Image Courtesy of Orbis Catholicus Secundus 

Although this guy seems a little more relaxed:


Image Courtesy of Gatti di Mare (PS – Why do so many Italians love to bike with their cats?)

And this guy is probably as relaxed as that last cat, just cruising on his recumbent bike while his pooch hitches a ride:imageImage Courtesy of Woof Factory

So you see, there are a number of ways to trot the globe with a pet in tow.  We suggest, however, that if you’re looking for a safe, comfortable, and easy way to bike with a pet, you check out this piece we did about making your commute by bike a more pet-friendly.

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