DIY: Christmas Lights On Bicycle

Don’t you just love the holiday spirit? How about spreading some good cheer while riding your bike with some twinkle holiday lights? We love a little twinkle on our rides so we’re bringing you some holiday decoration ideas for adding a little sparkle to your bicycle rides. Whether your riding your bike with added lights or using your bicycle as holiday yard decoration, you can deck your bike with holiday cheer and we are going to show you how! Chrismas-lights (1) Image Courtesy of Millenion Design

What You Need:

1. A Bicycle: we assume you already have one! yay!

2. LED Lights: get portable LED lights, you can usually find them in your retail stores. if they’re short buy a few in any color and size.

3. Zip Ties: you’ll need these to secure the lights.

festivebike Image Courtesy of Bike Tart


1. Install Lights: Once you have all your needs, it’s time to install the lights. Now wrap the lights around the bike frame, being careful not to interfere with the braking or gear-shifting mechanisms.

When it comes to putting lights on forks (the arms that connect to the wheels) pull the lights the length of the fork, wire-tie it at the bottom, then pull it straight back to the frame. If you wrap the forks with lights they could get caught up in the wheels. Cover the left fork (the one that faces the road as you’re riding) to save lights for other parts of the bike.

If you wrap the handlebars, also make sure that you leave enough slack in the wires to allow the handle bars to turn through their full range of motion. We also suggest finding a decorative light such as my star, or an angel, that would typically adorn the top of a Christmas tree. Hang this off the back for added visibility on dark roads.

2. Ride: Once you got all parts of your bike covered with lights and secure, it’s time to put on some Christmas cheer and spread the love!

christmasbike Image Courtesy of Ideas Modern

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