DIY Bike Rides With Friends

After we were done being dogged with rain for what feels like weeks, and the clouds finally lift leaving the perfect weather for a team bike ride, we are planning on major bike rides with friends to celebrate the coming summer days ahead. To get you inspired and stoked for the upcoming rides with friends, we gathered some tips on how to plan your own bike adventures with friends to get you ready for some fun under the sun! girlsandbicycles Image Courtesy of Girls and Bicycles

Map: Create a map of the adventure you’ll be taking 

lgrab.picnic Image Courtesy of Let’s Go Ride A Bike

Food tips: Always good to stay hydrated and energized! Ball Jars (the new Heritage editions are featured in the photos) double as drink tumblers and storage containers for trail mix and snacks.

adventureinvite Image Courtesy of Design Sponge

DIY Bike Envelope + Invites: Invitations: Download customizable invites hereTo create a bike-themed envelope for our invites (which you can customize for your own adventure), we used manilla envelopes stamped with this bicycle stamp. We used white ink which takes a while to dry, so just make sure everything is fully dry before you pack it up and hand it off to friends.

bikeflag Image Courtesy of Bubs In Tow

DIY Bike Flags: 
If you really want to get into the bike theme, you can make your own bike flags to mark your bike “team”. This would be a great way to to divide into teams if you want to turn your adventure into a challenge! To make ours, we used canvas pennants (You could easily make your own by cutting triangles from old dish cloths or fabric) and taped them off and painted them to make stripes. Just hang them from your seat or handlebars (or a pole on the back if you want to go old-school) to designate your official bike team!

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