DIY: Bike Basket Pom Pom Garland



Everyone loves a pom pom and they’re so easy to make if you have the right tools. We created this super easy DIY pom pom garland tutorial to add some fun flair to your bike basket.

You will need:

  1. Woven bike basket
  2. Two balls of yarn in your favorite colors (we picked red and white for Valentine’s Day)
  3. Pair of crafting scissors
  4. Pom pom makers in multiple sizes. We got the makers from here

Step 1: Open up your pom pom maker and wrap the yarn tightly around the maker. The thicker you wrap your yarn the fuller your pom pom.


Close the one side of the pom pom maker and continue to wind the yarn around the spool around the other side.


Step 2: Use your craft scissors to cut along the center of the pom pom maker on both sides.


Step 3: Take a long piece of yarn at least 10 inches and tie a knot in between the pom pom makers center. This holds your pom pom together so tie tight! You don’t want your pom pom to unravel on a bike ride.


Step 4: Open both sides of the pom pom maker where you wound the yarn. It’s starting to look like a pom pom!


Now gently pull both sides of the pom pom maker apart. It’s a pom pom.


Step 5: Once you have your desired number of pom poms, it’s time to create the garland. Line up your pom poms and cut a piece of string that has an extra 6 inches on either side of your ends.


Secure the pom poms to the string by using the pom pom thread to tie a knot.


Step 6: Wrap the pom pom garland around your bike basket and tie to your basket straps or handlebars. You’ll be the talk of the town!


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