D.I.Y. Bicycle Pumpkin Carving

It’s that time of year for gools, gobblins, witches and our imaginations to take us deep into places we have never imagined of. We are thinking of a merry halloween here and pumpkin carving is just one of those activities that we look forward to this time of year. We are inspired by the many creative minds and carvers out there that we thought we would try to our own little pumpkin carving with bicycles being the art we hope to part on you. Here are some ways to carve a bicycle in a pumpkin. bicycle_pumpkin_carving Image Courtesy of Lindsay’s List

What You Need:

1. A pumpkin!

pumpkin Image Courtesy of Pachamama

2. Pumpkin Carving Kit

jhween4 Image Courtesy of Martha Stewart

3. A Bicycle Stencil: Download this free bike stencil pattern here. You can also download many halloween patterns here too. bikestencil Image Courtesy of Wikimedia

Now, the rest is up to you to dig through and have a great time getting through. Send us a picture of your bicycle pumpkin carving to hello@eleanorsnyc.com, we would love to share your artwork with the rest!

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