Wanderlust Wednesdays: D.I.Y. Bicycle Basket Flower Garland

Looking for ways to dress up your bike during the fall season? Flower garlands can be a pretty addition to a bicycle basket and you could make them depending on the seasonal mood your in too! To get our D.I.Y. fingers excited, we put together a little tutorial on how to adorn your bicycle basket with a flower garland. Get inspired and start crafting your bicycle up! eleanorsnyc_diy_bicycle_garland

What You Need:

diy_eleanorsnyc_bicycle_basket_garland 1. Flowers (real or fake, like carnations or any of your choice)

2. Needle

3. Thread or Fish Wire

4. Scissors

5. Bicycle Basket: Wicker or Wired

Step 1. Buy real or fake flowers of the colors of your choice, as many as you like. We recommend 2-4 dozen depending on the type of bike basket and garland you want to make. Decide on the length of the garland depending on the type of basket you have.


Step 2. Once you got all your flowers, make sure that you trim them from the base of the stem. Then take the thread and measure it to twice the length you want for your garland. Keep ten inches extra, for knotting the ends of the thread.


Step 3. Put one end of the thread in the needle hole and bring it down, to meet the other end. Tie both the ends of the thread together.

Take one of the flowers and insert the needle through its stem, taking it up through the middle of its head. Repeat this with half of the flowers.


Step 4. Take the next flower and turn it the other way. For this purpose insert the needle in the center of the flower head and take it out from the stem. Repeat this procedure with the other half of the flowers. Take both ends once you’re done and knot them to secure the flowers.



Step 5. Once you’ve finished securing your flower garland, compress the flowers together, then place them against the bike basket to see where you would like to secure them. diy_eleanorsnyc_bicycle_basket_garland Step 8. And for the final touch, weave or wire twist them throughout your bicycle basket to keep it from falling off. Et voila! Your bicycle basket flower garland is ready!  diy_bicycle_basket_garland Step 9: Once you’re completely done and have secured your garland on your basket, place the basket on your bikes handlebars. Now your ready to ride. diy_bicycle_basket_garland



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