8 Creative Ways to Store Your Bike

Bikes are great home interior decorations. We rounded up a few creative and decorative ways to store your bike indoors to show you how to add your bicycle as a unique accent to your home while utilizing space and enhancing your home style. Although bikes can be large odd shaped items, they are always better stored inside to keep them from weather damage. We all dream of having enough space for our bikes indoors, now there are ways of creating comfortable, functional, and stylish interiors utilizing good design and bicycles. Here are some ways to store your bike indoors while maintaining a modern decorative home. thebikeshelf Photo Courtesy of Knife & Saw bikerade&wardrobe Photo Courtesy SY1T bikeshelf Photo Courtesy of MIKILI bike_rack_frame Photo Courtesy of Lush Home bikerack_birdhouse Photo Courtesy of DIMINI bikeall Photo Courtesy of Board By Design

PitIn Photo Courtesy of Store Muu

woodenbikehook Photo Courtesy of Fluo Shop

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