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Bike To Work!

I’m always on the search for fun office supplies.  These brightly colored fixie bicycle shaped paper clips helps me keep my projects organized at Eleanor’s. The whimsical clips are available at the Container Store for $3.99. So cute!

iPad Bike Handlebar Bag

Got a new iPad over the holidays? Check out Mercy’s & Ruth new iPad bicycle handlebar bag. We love at Eleanor’s since it’s so cute we’d happily use it as a regular  purse—so we’re extra excited we can use it on our bikes, too.





Commuter Tips: Bicycle Mirror Magic

Cute drawing by Margaux Motin. I never thought to use my bicycle mirror to touch up my makeup. Just another cycle chic tip for the daily commuter.

Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve…Or Hand Rather with this Handwarmer!

Heart Handwarmers

Sometimes wearing gloves is not enough to keep your hands warm while riding your bike in colder weather. We came across these adorable handwarmers in shape of a heart. Prevent those chilly hands this winter with these mini heart hand warmers. Simply click the discs inside the heart to start the reaction and you will have instant heat for around half an hour. The handwarmers are also reusable. We had to add them to Eleanor’s bicycle commuter gift set for 2012. 

Happy Election Day! Now Ride That Bike and Vote!

Happy Election Day from Eleanor’s!

Ride your bike to the voting poles today. 

Times Bestselling Author Katie Dailey’s Guide to Owning and Riding a Bicycle

“Heels on Wheels: A Lady’s Guide to Owning and Riding a Bike.” By Katie Dailey. 96 pp. Hardie Grant. $14.95.

Came across this New York Times review of a new book called Heels on Wheels by Katie Daily. According to the article by Liesl Schillinger, “Ms. Dailey offers tips to help would-be pedal-commuters “incorporate cycling into your lifestyle”: don’t wear gummy lip gloss, lest flies get stuck in your pout as you whoosh across bridges; keep wet-wipes at your desk to deal with grease smudges; wear sneakers without laces when possible. She also celebrates the variety and velocity of today’s stylish, eco-conscious cyclists.”

Also in the article, Liesl Schillinger mentions stylish Vespertine reflective bicycle vests we carry at Eleanor’s. 

Check out the full story here.

Just Part of the Morning Commute

Just part of the morning commute….

New Window Display!

New window display in Eleanor’s at Dekalb Market since we got our shipment of Nantucket baskets in today.

New Amsterdam Bike Show Booths and Friends!

Super cute booth from AdelineAdeline at New Amsterdam Bike Show Saturday April 28th in Tribeca. Some vendors included friends of Eleanor’s like Belle Helmets, Bird Industries and Wearable Planters.

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