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Ultimate Guide to Biking to Work (and still looking stylish)


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Riding your bike to work has always been an option, sure, but it seems like now more than ever we’re turning to two wheels as a practical, environmentally friendly, and inexpensive way to get to and from the daily grind. That said, it’s often difficult for bike commuters, especially women, to find attractive cycling apparel that works just as well in the boardroom as it does on the bike. We’d like to change that. We’ve pulled together this guide to commuting to work by bike to empower women to get around the green way without having to sacrifice their style. The following is a rundown of our favorite tips, tricks and products that will help women everywhere cycle chicly. (more…)

5 Favorite Businesses by Bike

Ever wonder how to create a business out of things you love? Like ice cream, flowers, coffee, gin, or taco’s plus biking? Whether it’s two wheeling around and sharing what you love with everyone, we love what we are finding with businesses on two wheels. And beleive it or not, some people have made huge successes out of their passions on bicycle and we’ve delivered them right to you here.   mindybikedeliveryshop Image courtesy Design Darling (more…)

What’s in my bike pannier: working girl essentials

bike_pannier_4 Today was a gorgeous day for a morning brisk ride to work. While it still feels cool out, I wanted to greet the day with a splash of color and excitement while riding my bike. Being a working woman and cycling to work isn’t so hard when you have the right set of cute bike gear and the style to back you up with a feel good attitude.

bike_pannier_2 My gear and wheels for the road. bike_pannier_3 A working woman’s must have bicycle skirt garter clip.
bike_pannier_5 Safety while commuting to work is essential as much as the noise coming from a cute bicycle bell.

bike_pannier The Bobbin Bike Pannier is one of my favorite bicycle panniers for the commuting. Not only is it really cute but it carries all my working girl essentials from my IPhone, wallet, high-heels, laptop, u-lock, notebook, and sunnies. This working girl couldn’t have asked for more! What type of cute commuting gear do you cycle to work with?


Spotlight: Bobbin Bicycles Pannier

This spacious, vintage-inspired, Bobbin Bicycle Straw Pannier is perfect for the professional commuter.  This bag clips easily to a rear-rack, with a special locking mechanism that ensures your bag ends up at your destination with you.  Once you arrive, remove the pannier and you’ll have a wonderfully stylish oversized handbag to carry with you.  Made of sturdy, weather-treated straw that will age gracefully and protect it’s contents for years to come.


Why we love at Eleanor’s: It’s so spacious, we can put our iPad, heels, purse and still have extra room.


Wanderlust Wednesday: Bike to Work this Friday

In honor of the League of American BicyclistsNational Bike Month (which is this month, by the way!) we wanted to put together some of our favorite commute-by-bike items in time for Bike to Work Day, happening this Friday.

Check out these must-haves that’ll have you cycling to work in style in no time:

1. Iva Jean Reveal Bike Skirt: Let’s start with the basics.  Slip into this ultra durable, moisture controlling pencil skirt before heading to work; a rear zipper reveals extra fabric that makes biking a breeze, and then you can zip ‘er back up once you’ve arrived to maintain that crisp, tailored look.  It’s even got a hidden pocket for keys, credit cards, or a tube of power lipstick.



Why Should You Bike To Work? Because Martha Says So

Say what you will, Martha Stewart knows her stuff.  So when we came across this piece she ran on her site Whole Living, we couldn’t resist sharing some of her know-how with you.

imageImage Courtesy of Bike Fancy

The following figures are from a longer slideshow about cycling and its merits, but we found slide no. 26 to be particularly interesting.  So here are some quick numerical reasons to ride your bike:

$5,713: The average amount of money you could save each year if you used a bike instead of a car, according to the American Automobile Association and Transportation Alternatives

2 percent: Percentage of people in the United States who commute daily by bicycle (though more than half of Americans live less than five miles from where they work), according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration

410: The average number of calories you can burn per hour while pedaling at a moderate pace, according to the National Institutes of Health.”

As if these facts and figures weren’t enough to convince you, we have a whole collection of chic cycling apparel and accessories for getting to and from work.  Take a peek and see how you can making biking a bigger part of your commute.

Spotlight: Iva Jean Bike to Work Spring ’13

The new bike to work line from Iva Jean are ready to ship, just in time for spring.  We love these pieces because they’re more than just handsome biking clothes: they’re stylish basics that pair well with what’s already in your closet whether you’re going to work or out on the town.

Check out these new arrivals from Iva Jean:


Daily Cycling Blouse


Reveal Bike Skirt


Two-Way Reflective Vest

New Arrival: Nantucket Bike Basket Co. Pannier

To market, to market…with this charming bike pannier. It’s woven from the highest-quality kubu rattan for durability and weathers over time for an antique appearance. It will keep your bike and you looking cute and make trips to the store even easier. It adds style (and convenience) to everyday errands by bike—yes please!

Photo Credit: Nantucket Bike Basket Co

This pannier is perfect for your Saturday bike trip the farmer’s market.

Biking To Work With Your Pup

Gone are the days when your pup is resigned to stay at home during the workweek.  Increasingly, offices are inviting, even encouraging, employees to bring their canines to the office. 


Photo Credit: Puppy Tails

Last year, an article on USA Today’s blog highlighted this trend and described the positive impact that dogs can have in corporate settings.  The idea that the workplace environment is improved by the presence of pups is based on more than just warm fuzzies (although that’s certainly a part of it): in the article, Rebecca Johnson, director of the Research Center for Human-Animal Interaction at the University of Missouri’s College of Veterinary Medicine, points out that dogs are a great way to relief stress at work and provide a restorative distraction from the daily grind.  She cites the fact that people experience hormonal responses when they interact with dogs, and these tend to alleviate stress and foster greater and more positive interactions between co-workers.  In fact, there’s even a national Bring Your Dog To Work Day taking place on June 21st this year.

Well this is all well and good, but how exactly do you get Fido to the office?  If you’re environmentally conscious, trying to save some pennies, or just an avid cycler like me, you might think that adding a canine to your commute is easier said than done.

But think again: we’ve pulled together some different ways to get you and your sidekick – no matter how large or small – to work safely and in style when you ride your bike.

If you’ve got a tiny little lap dog 10 pounds or less, then this Nantucket Bike Basket Company Pet Carrier is the thing for you.  The basket easily mounts on your handlebars and can just as easily detach, and it’s made of sturdy rattan with a wire cage lid that lets plenty of fresh air and scenery reach your pup.  It also comes with a comfy little pillow for extra coziness during your commute.


Photo Credit: Fab

Have a slightly larger pooch?  If your pet is in the mid-size range, lets say between 10 and 75 pounds, you’re still in luck.  Dog-owners whose canine companions are up to 30 pounds can still opt for the classic look of a woven bike basket with this Basil Pluto Pet Basket with Caged Lid.  This little number is front-mounting with a suspension fork and comes complete with an airy wire cage and a soft cushion for the ride.


Photo Credit: Olive Dog

Burley also makes a number of products to help you maximize the usefulness of your bike, not the least convenient of which is their Tail Wagon covered dog trailer.  The Wagon is ideal for dogs up to 75 pounds and easily hitches to your bicycle.  It’s made of durable material that maintains your pet’s safety, while mesh windows allow Fido to check out his surroundings and soak up some of that fresh air.  The flooring is removable for easy cleaning, and there are a number of pockets so you can stow additional pet gear.  The whole thing folds up for easy storage so it won’t take up a ton of space in the office, either.

imagePhoto Credit: Burley 

If you’ve got a dog over 75 pounds, we know you aren’t messing around.  This Cargo Bike from Madsen Cycles is the perfect way to get your big dog to and from the office.  The bicycle itself is designed to be super sturdy and easily maneuvered, and the 40 gallon plastic cargo carrier is a spacious place for your sidekick to sit.  It even comes with two removable benches and seat belts, so it’s infinitely versatile.  This bike is great for commuting, especially when you’re bringing along that special somebody.


Photo Credit: Madsen Cycles

But finding the right pet carrier is only the first step.  Before bringing your bud to work by bicycle, it’s important to train him to be comfortable on the road.  Here are a few tips for acclimating your dog to his new ride:

1. Select a bike basket/trailer that allows your dog to sit comfortably inside. 

2. Make sure there’s a blanket or pillow in the bottom of the basket for added comfort.

3. Tie your dog securely in the basket/trailer with a dog harness or leash.

4. Walk the bike with your dog in the basket a few times before taking him for a real ride.

5. While walking, talk to him and keep a hand on him, urging him to sit and relax. Reward with treats.

6. Ride up and down the sidewalk for a few days letting him get used to the movement and turning motions. Keep your hand on him if necessary. Make the sessions short at first and gradually lengthen as he becomes more comfortable. 

7. Find a bump or rough spot like you would normally encounter while riding and go over it repeatedly and constantly reassure him each time until you notice he is able to anticipate what is going to happen and seems to be more relaxed about it.

8. Try to anticipate things that might scare or excite your dog like riding near loud traffic, encountering large dogs, cats or squirrels and expose him to them.

9. Reward with treats and in no time you and pooch will ride safely and stylishly.

Following these tips will help you both adjust to traveling together to and from the office.  Then, once you’re at work, it’s important to make sure that both your dog and all your co-workers are comfortable.  Check with your human resources person about existing pet policies, and check out these Office Etiquette Tips for Dogs that the ASPCA put together.  

We’re sure that in no time you and your pup will be hanging out around the water cooler.  Your co-workers will enjoy the company and you’ll feel good knowing that you’re not leaving your four-legged friend alone and lonely from 9-5.


Photo Credit: Most Beautiful Pages

Citi Bike to Launch in May: One More Reason to Hit The Streets in New York City

Following the lead of a number of progressive, eco-minded cities across the globe, New York City will be launching its very own bike share program this spring under the moniker Citi Bike. Operated by the NYC branch Alta Bike Share, the Citi Bike fleet will be the largest in the United States with 10,000 bikes at 600 locations throughout the city, all of which will be available for 24-hour use 7 days a week.  All you need is a credit card: you can purchase annual access online and daily access right at the bike station.


Photo Credit: Glenwood NYC

Citi Bike will provide an earth-friendly, healthy, and easy alternative to getting around town. This is especially exciting for those of us who live in neighborhoods that are slightly isolated from more traditional public transportation.  For example, if you live in a neighborhood like mine, Greenpoint, you must either depend upon an unreliable bus route or wait an eternity for the G train.  Citi Bike will change all of that when they install 5 (yes, 5) bike share stations right in the area.


Check out the station map on Citi Bike’s site to find one near you.

The Citi Bike program will provide healthy, green transportation alternatives to New Yorkers for about 26 cents a day.  This is an important step towards and a loud statement about the future of city living.  

Of course you’ll have to provide your own helmet. We think this hand-painted Blue Sky design by Belle Helmets is just the thing to keep you safe and stylish on the streets.


There are other things to consider when you’re biking around town, like how to keep your skirt neat when you’re on your way to work or a hot date aboard a Citi Bike? Well, with the help of one of these Bird Industries Bike Skirt Garters. These elastic bands come in a variety of colors and clip right to your skirt to keep your outfit (and modesty) in place during your commute.


And once you’ve returned your Citi Bike to the station, you’re going to want to stow your bike accessories.  Simply stash them in one of these vegan leather carry-alls from GiveLoveCycle and you’re good to go.  Large enough to house your helmet and anything else you need but stylish enough to bely the fact that you’ve been biking, these bags make the perfect accessory for any girl on the go.


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