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What’s In My Bike Basket: Date Night!

date_night_by_Bike_4 Theres nothing like a date night and bicycle ride to ignite the spark. Whether you’re meeting up after work or just heading out to your favorite restaurant together, make sure you’re always prepared and have your date kit handy in your bicycle basket. (more…)

What’s In My Bike Basket: Bird Watching

Bird_watching_By_Bike_2 Cue the tiny violins: You’ve come to the beginning of holiday season and we are craving some adventure to get our time off on a good start.  To enable your holiday daydreaming — and expose you to some unique ideas that might otherwise fly under your radar during this season, we went on a little day trip by bike to go bird watching and show you how we did it! (more…)

What’s in my bike basket: lunch al fresco

Picnic_Bike Picnics are one of my favorite things — both spur-of-the-moment adventuring in the park, and well-planned out feasts. What’s not to love about sitting out in nature, enjoying some company and a plate full of delicious food and wine?

Picnic_Bike_2 For the ride, I packed and brought along this Peterboro Quick-Release Bicycle Picnic Basket. Easily attachable, sturdy, and reliable to keep your precious goods in, it’s a winner for the ride.

Picnic_Bike_3 Essentially, the ideal picnic is nothing more than choosing a great location, inviting a good group of people, bringing something to sit on, and packing some delicious food and drinks.

Pincic Here is what we packed in our basket: a cozy picnic blanket, a bottle of wine, and some wine glasses (we always carry plastic as it is easy to break when you’re rolling over bumps on the road.) Keep in mind that if you’re going to haul off some food in a basket, it’s always best to place them in containers to keep them neat.

What’s in my bike bag: birthday surprise

bike_pannier_7 What’s in my bike bag, you ask? Well, I love switching over from bicycle basket to bicycle bag for a change depending on what I’m wearing and where I am going. Today’s ride was to a friends birthday brunch and I thought it essential to carry a bag that converts to a purse like this adorable Mercy & Ruth Handlebar Convertible Purse in Oxblood.

birthday_bike_2 Carrying my friends birthday gift was simple with the luck of the bike bag keeping it nice and damage free from any road bumps. Isn’t that just the cutest wrapping paper?
birthday_bike_5 I really wanted to surprise her when I arrived on my bike so I got a few balloons for the chariot entrance to celebrate!
birthday_bike_3 Biking to birthday brunch in style!

birthday_bike_4 Balloons!


Here’s what I packed in my bike bag… sunnies, a Hello Lucky birthday card, cellphone, bobbi brown lipstick, birthday gift, and a camera to make celebrating moments last.

Do you and your friends bike to brunch? What do you carry in your bike bag?

What’s in my bike basket: yoga gear

yoga_bike_bike Stretching those bicycle legs is essential to keep them in pedal power order. Yoga is the perfect way to get the type of toe reach you need to relax your muscles. On my way to yoga class, I took along my House of Talents bicycle basket and carried some yoga goodies for the long stretch.

yoga_bike_bike_1 How do you carry your yoga goods around when cycling?

yoga_bike_bike_2 This basket was perfect for carrying all my yoga gear. We really love the function of good work behinds these handmade beauties. These one-of-a-kind bike baskets come in all types of colors and just make your bike look so adorable!

yoga_bike_bike_3 Here’s what’s been hanging in my bike basket for yoga class… Banyan & Bo Ultra Support Yoga Mat, a u-lock, gym locker lock, keys, cash for a tea after, a snack, and to quench my thirst, my Sigg.

What are your favorite yoga poses for stretching your bicycle body?


What’s in my bike pannier: working girl essentials

bike_pannier_4 Today was a gorgeous day for a morning brisk ride to work. While it still feels cool out, I wanted to greet the day with a splash of color and excitement while riding my bike. Being a working woman and cycling to work isn’t so hard when you have the right set of cute bike gear and the style to back you up with a feel good attitude.

bike_pannier_2 My gear and wheels for the road. bike_pannier_3 A working woman’s must have bicycle skirt garter clip.
bike_pannier_5 Safety while commuting to work is essential as much as the noise coming from a cute bicycle bell.

bike_pannier The Bobbin Bike Pannier is one of my favorite bicycle panniers for the commuting. Not only is it really cute but it carries all my working girl essentials from my IPhone, wallet, high-heels, laptop, u-lock, notebook, and sunnies. This working girl couldn’t have asked for more! What type of cute commuting gear do you cycle to work with?


What’s in my bike basket: Groceries By Bike


Grocery shopping with your bicycle basket doesn’t have to be a heavy load, however, it’s important to think ahead of the kind of shopping you’ll be doing on two wheels, that way you can plan ahead your route and the size basket you’ll need to carry your goodies home.


Some things essential to doing a quick grocery run, whether your pedaling 5 blocks down the street or rolling a mile away, is your bike lock, a sturdy bike basket, a small purse, and a tote bag. Easy for the haul, no?!

grocery_run_by_bike_7 Even wearing the right set of shoe gear to haul a load home can make the pushing easier. Thank goodness we don’t have to many hills in New York! My Minnetonkas are so comfortable and easy to pedal in.

grocery_run_by_bike_5 A view of what’s in my bike basket. It was a light shopping day.


Here’s what I carried home in my bike basket to and from the store, yay greens for pedal power! A bike lock is always a must along with a small handbag, that way carrying your goods home doesn’t become over powered by carrying a purse.


What’s in my bike basket: new baby gifts!

baby_gifts_bikes My good friend Grace just welcomed their second baby earlier this month. I’m so excited to meet their new daughter, Lucy (love the name). So I decided to ride my bike from Brooklyn to Grace’s apartment in Queens today to meet Lucy. I mapped the ride and it was less then 7 miles by bike. Yay!

baby_gifts_bikes_9 I stopped by a local kids store called Hank & JoJo and bought some special presents. With the help of the owner Andy, I picked out a safari toy tube as a “big brother” gift for 3 year old Maks and an adorable owl organic blanket for the new baby.


I carefully wrapped the gifts in yellow tissue and twine with “help” from my cat Trixie. Trixie is a magnet to anything with string.

baby_gifts_bikes_11 Using a typewriter, I made tags for kid’s gifts.

baby_gifts_bikes_7 I packed my bike basket with the gifts, leather cross body bag, Sawako Furuno green ribbon bike helmet and a special picture. Grace and I met each other back in grade school living in Ohio. After graduating from Kent State, we became roommates in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This picture was taken in our apartment about 10 years ago (WAY before careers in fashion, husbands, babies and Williamsburg was cool)

baby_gifts_bikes_4 On my ride, I wore a Madewell “Prefect Chambray Ex-Boyfriend shirt”, floral skirt from Zara and a pair of Hasbeens in Khaki Green Nubuck. And of course……


a cute bike helmet baby_gifts_bikes_12 Have a great weekend everyone! Congrats Grace and Jon on your new addition to your already adorable family.  XoXo Alison