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What I Wore: Commuter Jeans from Levi’s


Over the past few years Levi’s has offered bike friendly clothes for men – from jeans with U-lock storage on the waistband to tops with greater mobility. Hey, Levis! What about the ladies?  Well, they heard us.  Recently, Levi’s launched a similar line of bike friendly apparel for women by offering jeans, shorts, tops and jackets designed for the everyday bike commuter.


I had the opportunity to try out the new skinny bike friendly jeans this past week. With thoughts of warm, spring rides on my mind, I slipped on the skinny women’s commuter jeans in baby blue.  Right away, I noticed the high waist that was pretty flattering. But I also noticed that the fabric (60% Cotton, 30% Other Fibres, 8% Polyester, 2% Elastane) was a little on the thin side, which made panty lines pretty apparent. The jeans also had deep back pockets that’ll keep your keys or lipstick from slipping out mid-ride.  Overall, the pants had a nicely tailored fit that was flattering on my curvy shape. I rolled up the cuff to expose the reflective seam detail which will come in really handy to increase visibility at night.  Not to mention, I thought that little detail looked pretty cute with my wood Hasbeen sandals during the day.

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What I wore: black and white striped dress


Hey there, Christina of City Girl Rides guest blogging for your #whatIworeonmybike post at #eleanorsnyc. As many know, I love dresses and blazers, matched with a scarf that pops out some color. In all, I’m in a very cozy cycling state. A pair of sunnies were needed as it was bright out but oh feeling so much like my favorite season, fall! (more…)

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