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Vintage Bike For Sale

Vintage Bicycle for Sale

Chrome Fenders

White Wall Ties

$150 via Craigslist

Chic 1940’s Bicycle

Came across this chic 1940’s vintage bicycle on Craigslist this morning. The price is kinda spendy at $250 but the bike is in excellent condition. Also, it has a retro battery-operated hypersiren that still works! 

Craigslist Bicycle Finds

Came across this vintage ketchup and mustard edition Schwinn Stingray bicycle for sale on Craiglist this morning. Reminds me of an old bike I once owned. 

Craigslist Bicycle Finds

Found this vintage tandem on Craigslist. I’m seriously thinking about buying this! Dreaming of rides to the park with my husband. Would I sit in back or front?

Craigslist Bicycle Finds

I love coming across vintage bikes on craigslist. This one is only for $100. It reminds me of my best friend’s bike. She has a western flyer so loves to cruise around the neighborhood. 

Craigslist Bicycle Finds

Anyone need a bicycle? Found this on Craiglist. Love the seat and light. Really nice condition. I could imagine this House of Talent basket on the bicycle.

Vintage Bicycles


Because we are vintage bike obsessed right now!!!

K Batty Design Bicycle Stationary

Kerry Batty, owner of K. Batty Design & Stationery Shop stopped by Dekalb Market earlier this month and bought this vintage soda crate from Eleanor’s. She uses it to hold her purse while she runs errands in her Brooklyn neighborhood. Want your bike to look as cute as hers? Check out baskets and crates here.

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