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Vintage Inspired Bicycle Bells and Bicycle Horns


Image courtesy of Victoria and Albert Museum

We are inspired by the women behind the wheels of the original bicycle chic and rounded up a few vintage inspired bicycle bells and bicycle horns to share and make a noise with! ring ring!


Check out this vintage inspired  SpokeNWheel cameo bicycle bell. This vintage lady will make a chic noise and keep you riding safely along busy roads in style.



This hand made lady’s face bicycle bell says belle of the bicycle as you ring elegantly catching the admiring eyes of passersby,


This jeweled SpokeNWheel Brooch Bling BIcycle Bell rings “bling bling” as you dazzle and sparkle in your parking entry to the opera or symphony.


Nothing makes an entry as loud as this vintage circus bicycle bell as you squeeze your way through carnivals of crowds.


Have fun honking your way along rides and busy roads that will certainly gain attention with this bicycle squeeze horn as you cheerfully ride your way through.

Ring Ring! Honk Honk!

Our Girl Monday: Irina Demick

Talk about a bombshell.  Irina Demick is one of the sultriest French actresses in the history of film (which is saying quite a bit… those French are all pretty saucy).  We love her here, casually cruising around some cobblestoned city.  Perfection.

That said, we think Irina could’ve definitely used a skirt clip, like these from Bird Industries.  Hey, if you’ve got it, flaunt it.  Just not on your bike.

imageImage Courtesy of Rides A Bike

Bike Makeover: Picnic Ready

If you’re planning a summer picnic by way of bike, but fear you’re bike isn’t glammed out enough for this season, fear not! Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies is here to show you just how easy it is to give your bike a makeover with just a few simple accessories! Below is the before, but with just a few quick fixes your bike can be picnic-ready in no time! Here’s how: 


First we added a vintage creel bicycle basket, which is perfect for holding utensils, sandwiches, those deeply lusted after cookies, and a bike lock.

Then we added a bike bell to inform passerby’s that you’re coming through because lunch is calling and it cannot wait!

We attached a bicycle rear rack to the back so we could secure on our vintage Dewar’s Scotch Whisky Upcycled bicycle crate. However we carry a variety of crates you can choose from if you’re not a scotch or whiskey kind of girl. These spacious bicycle crates are perfect for carrying blankets and a baguette!

We then added a fun waterproof polka dot seat cover to keep the seat dry in case it rains, though perish the thought.


With these few simple adjustments you and you’re bike are picnic-ready. Bon Appetit!

8 Hours in Brimfield-Vintage Bike Lover Dream

On Wednesday May 15, the Eleanor’s team rented a cargo van from zipcar and drove about 3 hours from NYC up to Brimfield, Mass. Three times a year, the little sleepy town on Brimfield is converted into one of the largest flea market in the country.  With over thousands of vendors they have something for everyone.

At Brimfield, we walk the stalls in search of store displays, vintage crates, old fishing creels, vintage bicycles and most importantly inspiration.

This year we were looking for store displays for our new pop up shop at Table of Content General Store in Shelter Island. Our first buy was this vintage turquoise Murray bicycle in great condition. We ended up purchasing three bicycles in total. For bicycles at $25, how could you go wrong?


In the mid century modern section of Brimfield, we came across this beautiful display of old suitcases and wooden chairs.


There are tons of little knick knacks in bins all around the market. We spelled out “Eleanor’s” for fun. Oops, I cut off the “E” in the picture!


 But most importantly we scored some unique one of kind vintage crates. We upcycle these crates into bicycle porter crates. Check out our latest DIY article on Wholefood’s Dark Rye.

Check out more pictures from our Brimfield trip on Instagram.

Our Girl Monday: Marilyn Monroe


Photo Courtesy of Rides A Bike

While we’re on the subject of mid-century beauties on bikes, we’re going to go ahead and give a shout to this iconic blonde.  Marilyn’s looking pretty perfect aboard her ride, and we love her casual slouchy sweater paired with some great cropped, matchstick trousers. Try them out for yourself: we really love these Sessùn Polka Dot “Memory House” Trousers from Madewell.  We think they’d go especially well with our Skirt Guard by FrillRide, which will give you extra vintage oomph while keeping your digs pristine.

Sunday Special

Alright, so maybe this set of wheels needs a bit of TLC.  But look at the potential!  Loving this vintage cycle from the ’50s, and for $250, you can restore it to its mid-century glory.

Spotlight: Upcycled Vintage Bike Crates

We’re amazed by what a little bit of elbow grease and a some bike-friendly hardware can do for vintage bike porter crates.  Eleanor’s searches out and lovingly upcycles old porter crates to make them weather-resistant, a bit sturdier, and ready to mount on your rear rack.  Perfect for toting groceries, an obedient pooch, or just about anything else you can think of, these crates are a great, new-again way to lug a load by bike.

Check out these new additions to our bicycle crate collection and snag one for yourself.


Sunday Special

This is a pretty cool looking Trek cruiser.  Snatch it up for yourself for only $120 in Boerum Hill!  Learn more here.


Sunday Special: Bike For Sale

This is a pretty cute bike, don’t you think?  Get yourself this red pair of wheels, replete with bike basket, for just $120. 


Sometimes it’s good to be loud.

Favorite Product: Forget the bike bell! Alert other cyclists to your presence with this playful bicycle horn. Its nostalgic look and cheerful honk will add a heavy dose of fun to your bike ride. Squeeze the rubber bulb and the horn makes the classic two-tone honk.

The bicycle horn can be fixed easily to the bicycle handlebar with screw attachment.  Don’t forgot the matching retro bicycle mirror.

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