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Back in Stock: Bicycle Skirt Garter Clip


The first day of Spring is less than a month away (March 20th) and the bike skirt garter clips are back in stock and ready to ship. This life changing little design is an elastic band with attached clip to hold down your skirt (and save your pride). You can now kiss ugly bike spandex shorts goodbye for $13.00. The bike skirt clip comes in six colors and three sizes and ships FREE from Eleanor’s. Check out the lovely Rachel demonstrating the bike skirt clip in this video:


Cool Music Video: Brooklyn Chamber Pop artist AK

AK Bike Music Video Chamber-pop artist AK just released her music video for the song “Circles” directed by David Formentin and shot by Ray Levé in the Ditmas Park, Brooklyn, NY. AK sings about aimless post-college summer days spent with a close knit group of friends riding bikes, swimming in lakes, and hiding out on porches during thunderstorms. Anthemic vocal harmonies and upbeat rhythms mimic the sound of bicycle wheels turning as we ride through a long hot summer day. We love the talented’s AK video and just had to share with y’all.

“Circles” by AK from alexandra kalinowski on Vimeo.

Trick for riding a bike in a skirt: Penny in Yo Pants

Have you guys seen this trick for riding a bike in a skirt? If you have a penny and a rubber band, you can prevent yourself from flashing people.

Bike Pretty Leather Bike Bag




One of our favorite bike style blogger Melissa Davies of Bike Pretty just launched a bike bag line on Etsy this month. This handmade handlebar bag also doubles as a cross body purse and can holds a U-lock and 3 cans of PBR. What more can a girl ask for? (more…)

The Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack in Action

We’re all about paring down to just the necessities when it comes to traveling by bike, and what’s more essential than a good bottle of wine?  Don’t worry about transporting bulky bottles by bike, just use a bicycle wine rack by Oopsmark.  Bikes and wine… a perfect taste pairing.

The Perfect Bike Bag for All Your Essentials

We’re totally smitten with Mercy & Ruth‘s bike handlebar bags.  They’re stylish enough to serve as a civilian shoulder or crossbody bag or clutch, and they clip onto your handlebars in a snap.  There’s room for everything you need when you hit the streets.

Attaching Your Bike Bell is a Piece of Cake

Make yourself heard!  A cute bike bell isn’t just a charming addition to your ride, in many states it’s legally mandated.  Keep yourself both safe and stylish by attaching a bell to your handlebars – as you can see, it’s a breeze.

SüLi Bike Seat Caps in Action

Expecting rain?  No sweat.  With a SüLi Bike Seat Cap your saddle will stay dry in even the gloomiest of weather.  Take a look at our pretty palette of seat caps… each cuter than the last and definitely more stylish than a plastic bag.

Say what? Underground bike parking in Japan

Last month, Culture Japan director Danny Choo ran a piece on his website about underground bicycle parking in Japan.  We were so overwhelmed by the ingenuity, design, and forward thinking that led to such a system that we just had to spread the good word.

The video explains how the whole system works, but basically underground bike parking clears up valuable space on the streets and effectively eliminates concerns about bike vandals or thieves, therefore encouraging citizens to bike more.  This means Japanese cyclists are saving money and practicing eco-friendly alternatives to motorized transportation.  Beautiful.

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