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Pink & Red Valentine’s Inspired Bikes

As much as we love a Valentine’s inspiration of love and gifts, we also love the themes that come along with it, like the colors red and pink. We love a great color combo for a holiday as much as we love it a great color for a bike. And since we are always intrigued by the inspiration that comes along with these celebrations, we just had to bring you a round up of red and pink colored bicycles to help get you inspired and in the mood! bicycleheart Image Courtesy of Pinterest


Keep Winter Bicycle Fit With Soul Cycle

Everyone who does SoulCycle is certifiably obsessed with it during the winter season. So obsessed, in fact, that they’re willing to take 6 a.m. classes, book their workouts weeks in advance, and pay $34 (or more!) for just 45 minutes of sweat time. And, now that the cycle studios are cropping up all over the city, we thought it was high time that we got you the scoop to keeping bicycle fit during the winter. soulcycle Image Courtesy of Refinery 29


7 Bike Friendly Vacations for 2014

We know you’re looking towards spring and summer to plan out your vacations right now. And, when it comes to planning out an fun filled activity itinerary and breath taking scenic destinations, the search can become overwhelming. Well, rest your pretty heads, we searched west and east to find you the hottest locations to plan out your bike friendly holiday and delivered you some spoke-n word on the best bicycle must-hits. bicycle-touring Image Courtesy of Two Wheel Travel Blog

1. Route 100, Vermont-This 165-mile route from Massachusetts to the Canadian border takes you through lush green forests, sleepy New England town and incredible climbs through the Green Mountain State.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

2.Sonoma Wine Coast, CA– Bicycle along quiet roads through lush vineyards, immersing yourself in the hidden delights of the Wine Country. Follow the Russian River as it winds through stands of ancient redwoods before reaching the salty sea.


Image Courtesy of Wine Country This Week

3. Martha’s Vineyard & Nantucket– Bike paths and quiet roads crisscross both islands, making them just perfect for exploration by bicycle. Take advantage of wonderful weather and fewer tourists during our favorite months of June and September.


Image Courtesy of Alice Marshall

4. San Francisco Bay Area, CA-The Bay Area is so lush with possibility for bike camping– it’s recommended by us as one of the best places in the world for it! There are a handful of memorable spots that are a comfortable ride from the city. See our favorites here!


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

5. Lake Champlain, NY– Nestled between two beautiful mountain ranges, the variety of terrain, scenic beauty, and storied history of Lake Champlain region offers something for everyone. Cross Lake Champlain by ferry to visit the lovely town on Essex, NY, one of the most intact ensembles of pre-Civil War architecture in the country.


Image Courtesy of Washington Post

6. Peak-to-Peak Highway, Colorado–  The Peak to Peak Highway runs for 55 miles outside of Boulder to Estes Park. You will get some of the most panoramic views of the Rocky Mountains as the road’s average elevation is over 9,000 feet. Gawk at the snow-capped peaks of the Continental Divide and appreciate the solitude of the west.


7. San Juan Islands, Washington– This one is better suited for the beginners amongst you, but takes you through the same amount of beauty as the more intense rides. Sixty miles northwest of Seattle, the three main islands of Lopez, San Juan, and Orcas can be cycled in a day. All while you take in the splendor of the oceans and the views of the distant Cascades.

Mark Gardner bicyclers on San Juan Island

Image Courtesy of Visit San Juans

5 Working Bicycles Carrying Lot’s of Stuff

Across the world we are seeing bicycles be part of the informal economy in the most creative ways possible and we are surely surprised the amount of stuff they can carry on a bicycle. We find it inspiring and special to find these kinds of works in action when it comes to carrying this amount of precious cargo and goods on two wheels and yet, we applaud those around the globe for making the most of their personal businesses on two wheels. bananabike Image Courtesy of Flickr bicycleknifesharpner Image Courtesy of Little Mule Studio flowerbikeshop Image Courtesy of Pinterest bodaboda Image Courtesy of Flickr bicycleinformaleconomy Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Happy Day of The Dead

Happy Day of the Dead! Although many might think this Mexican holiday is a lot like American Halloween, it’s a large celebration with an abundance of festivities, great food, costumes, and customs that celebrate death. Some of the most common customs of celebrating El Dia de Los Muertos is the making of elaborate altars to welcome departed spirits home. Vigils are held, and families often go to cemeteries to fix up the graves of their departed relatives. Festivities also frequently include traditional foods such as pan de muerto (bread of the dead), which can conceal a miniature skeleton. To celebrate the festivities, we went around and found some our favorite images through the web of our favorite celebrations on bicycle. We hope you enjoy the festivities! melidayofthedeadbikes Image Courtesy of Bikes And The City

noche-de-muertos-en-bicicleta Image Courtesy of Esmas dayoftedeadrioyanez Image Courtesy of Bikes and the City dayofthedeadbike Image Courtesy of Ciclavia dayofthedeadcalaca Image Courtesy of Exploration Day_of_the_dead_bike Image Courtesy of Mikey Nyff


Fall Apple Picking by Bicycle

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 7.21.31 AM

1. Keep a handkerchief on hand to wipe up as you work up a sweat picking apples.

2. Use fingerless gloves to keep your hands from getting scratched while allowing you to effortlessly use your fingers to pick away.

3. Peterboro Original Quick Release Tote Basket will allow you to carry and pick apples while you go and easily attach them on your bicycle when you’re done.

4. This Vintage Pioneer Bros Tomato bike crate will allow you to store and carry your apples away as you head back home to bake some apple pies.

5. Robin Hoods Gail Helmet Headscarf

6. An proper apple picking dress will keep you cool and looking chic as you pick and peddle your apples.

7. Boots to pick apples in is a must, you just never know how what the soil will be like but a great pair of Wellington boots will keep your does fresh as an a picked apple.

Pack List Destination: Date Night


1. Rent a Tandem Bike

2. Mercy and Ruth Handlebar Convertible Purse to attach to the bike to carry all your phone, make up kit, and map.

3. Make-Up Kit essentials like lipgloss, travel deodorant, compact mirror, blotting paper, and a perfume rollerball.

4. These bicycle friendly wedged heels on a date can go a long way, here’s how you can bicycle ride in heels like a pro on a date.

5. Use your IPhone Camera to take pictures of your ride.

6. Bike Map to your destination dinner spot or hangout.

7. Iva Jean’s Reveal Bike Skirt, top off your bike date outfit with a cute top and some heels and ding ding you’re looking fab for your date.

A Day at the Museum: 7 Must Haves By Bike


1. Carry a sketchbook like this cute Moleskin Sketchbook with you in case you are inspired by a painting or sculpture.

2. Keep a set of sketching pencil’s like this Royal & Langnickle Sketching Pencil set to keep your sketches as good as the work of art in front of you.

3. Buying food at a museum can be pricey so pack a tasty lunch. Try this delicious peaches and goronzola dolce sandwich recipe.

4. Hold your goods in this Po Campo Logan Tote Bike Bag. It’s got plenty of space for your sketching tools and lunch that easily attaches on the rear rack of your bicycle.

5. Plan and map your tour through a museum. Walking aimlessly through a museum can take days and you might not be able to see all you want. Make sure to check the museums website to find what is being exhibited.

6. Ride your way to and from the museum with this Hand Painted Blue Sky Bicycle Belle Helmet. It’s one way to get inspiration on your ride.

7. Wear a fashionable set of bicycle friendly heels like these Merrel Evera Womens Mary Janes that you can walk comfortably through the museum in style with.

7 Fun & Creative Bike Parking

Bike parking can be a bore, finding bike parking can be work too, but creative minds are collaborating to make storing your precious steed a little more fun and easy. We’ve gone around the webs to check out the latest creations of fun bike racks to get you excited to find the next destination to park. pinkcargobike Photo Courtesy Of Copenhagenize yarnbombbikerack Photo Courtesy of It It’s Hip, It’s Here worldbikeparking Photo Courtesy of Bike Portland bikeparkingloop Photo Courtesy MF Arch

car-bike-rack Photo Courtesy of HGTV Design Purple-penny-farthing-bike-rack-at-Terrazza Photo Courtesy of Dandy Horse Magazine

combbikerack Photo Courtesy of Modernism

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