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Street Style: 6 Stylish Biking Couples

Hello Lovecats! Valentine’s Day is only 3 days away so we pulled together 6 street style pictures of couples who don’t need a tandem to ride together. These stylish couples have mastered riding a bike together side saddle, by pegs, on handlebars and more.  Also, are you still trying to figure out Valentine’s Day plans with your loved one? Check out our 5 Cute Valentine’s Day Date by Bike ideas article. Couples_Biking-1

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6 Awesome Autumn Inspired Bicycles

What’s your favorite season for a bike ride? Chances are you’ll say fall, and we totally agree. Even though we miss our summer beach bike rides, we’re pretty happy right now to trade in our flip-flops for a pair of boots and to grab a leather jacket on our way out the door. So we rounded up six of some favorite autumn inspired bicycles for fall.


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7 Bike Friendly Orchards for Apple Picking



The first day of Fall has come and gone, which means it’s time to take the chunky sweaters out of storage and indulge in some amazing autumn activities. And at the top of that list is apple picking in upstate New York with a bike in tow. So we rounded up 7 pick your own apple orchards across the US.


1. Bear Swamp Orchard in Massachusetts. They have a beautiful place at the top of the hills in the Berkshires of western Mass, with views that reach out to Vermont and New Hampshire.  Relax, bring a picnic, and enjoy the breath-taking views by bike.

2. LoveApple Farm in New York. They have delicious apple cider donuts, a variety of pies, cookies, and breads, all made from scratch and of course pick your own apples. (more…)

The Ultimate Guide: Biking to the Beach


Surf, sun, and summer fun.  It can all be yours when you bike to the beach this summer and soak up the sun. This summer our favorite sunny places include Playland in Rockaway beach, boardwalk at Coney Island and the surf at Jacob Riis Beach which are super easy to ride from our office in Brooklyn.  We’re sure you’re ready to hit the shores too, but before you do, be sure to check out our favorite essentials for biking to the beach this season.


1. (of course) Bring a bikini- We are crushing over this Mara Hoffman kaleidoscopic print bikini from Madewell. This supercool swimsuits, like this vividly patterned bikini top with a soft ruffle. (more…)

5 Gifts under $50 for Mom’s Who Bike


Moms are truly amazing and Sunday May 11th is their special day.  We all know Mom deserves only the best. So, if your mom likes to ride a bike, we have your gift search covered. We picked out 5 gifts to celebrate her this year that won’t break the bank and keep Mom looking stylish on a bike.

1. Nantucket Bike Lightship Bike Basket for $40.00  2. Po Campo Handlebar Wristlet for $40.00 3. Reflective Bird Pin for $9.00 4. Finch Bicycle Lock for $30.00. 5. Black & White Cameo Bike Bell for $25.00

DIY Bike Rides With Friends

After we were done being dogged with rain for what feels like weeks, and the clouds finally lift leaving the perfect weather for a team bike ride, we are planning on major bike rides with friends to celebrate the coming summer days ahead. To get you inspired and stoked for the upcoming rides with friends, we gathered some tips on how to plan your own bike adventures with friends to get you ready for some fun under the sun! girlsandbicycles Image Courtesy of Girls and Bicycles (more…)

5 Cute Valentine’s Day Dates By Bike

tandemlove Image Courtesy of Curitaba Cycle Chic

1. Museum: Surprise your darling with a bike ride to stroll through a museum that hold’s their favorite artist’s work or their favorite art period pieces. Their are countless works to spend time talking over and getting to know your special someone with.

2. Opera: Opera’s are filled with grand romantic expressions of love and fun. Bicycling to an Opera will sure send signals to your love of interest that may just get the message through. Take a look at all these 10 Romantic Opera’s Pieces and check your local cities opera listing to plan ahead!

2. Concert: Gift your Valentine’s with concert tickets to see their favorite band play. Make the night more fun by riding your bikes their and grab a bite after. Either way, you may sweep them head over wheels. Check your local listings for concerts and make sure you ask your sweetie what type of music they like.

3. Skyline Picnic: Bike to your favorite spot in the city to get a perfect view of your sweetheart. Pack a picnic for your bike too! Food and romance under city lights is a sure way to send butterflies fluttering.

4. Bicycle Workshop Class: Learn to fix a flat or clean your gears with the one you like or love. Learning a new skill together can help increase your bond and keep your bikes in good shape.

5. Tandem Bike Riding: whether it’s through a park, a wine vineyard, to your favorite restaurant, or to your favorite ice cream shop, ride a tandem bike together and have a romantic blast while you enjoy your journey together!

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