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Bookman Bike Lights

Sure, we wish every bike ride occurred on a perfect, sunny day—but it doesn’t always work out that way. Which is why BOOKMAN lights are great. They’ll alert others to your presence (and light the way) in bad weather or after the sun goes down.
Why we love at Eleanor’s: Anything that combines safety with streamlined style is a winner in our book.

Invisible Bike Helmet-WHAT?

Invisible bicycle helmet? Could there be such a thing?

Came across the Swedish company Hovding which has brought this to a reality. The “helmet” is actually a collar that creates an airbag for your head on impact.  It takes about 0.1 seconds to inflate and the airbag will be fully inflated before head impact.

There is also a “blackbox” inside the collar which records 10 seconds of data on the bicyclist’s movement patterns during (and just before) a cycling accident.

The invisible helmet costs 3998 SEK which is roughly $600 US dollars.

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Bicycle Bells, It’s The Law

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Did You Know Bicycle Bells Are Required By Law?
On summer days, there’s nothing better than a blissed-out bike ride in Prospect Park (or any park, really). But nothing ruins a relaxing jaunt like getting landed with a hefty fine. Well, except for having to dodge groups of pedestrians. So avoid both situations with a bicycle bell. It’s New York State law that you have one (getting caught without could result in an expensive ticket), and it’ll help you alert others to your presence. Plus, it’s another chance to show off your excellent taste in accessories—so look cool and stay ticket-free with our clever and cute Dring Dring No Gas Bell.

Stylish Ladies at Eleanor’s

Stylish customers scored a bicycle bell and vintage crate from Eleanor’s at Dekalb Market this past weekend. Check out more items here.

New In Our Shop: Hand Painted Helmets

Deliciously Stylish! Check out new hand-painted helmets here 

We Bike NYC

We Bike NYC is a great organization that empowers women through bicycles. They will be hosting a ride to Dekalb Market in June. Stay tuned.

4 Ways to Stay Dry While you Bike in Rain

Rain and snow can be the worst enemy of a commute home by bike. So I rounded up some creative and stylish ways to stay dry and stylish while you ride your bike.



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