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Wanderlust Wednesdays: 7 Tips to Rainy Day Bike Riding

Spring is on its way (yay!), though it will inevitably bring with it rainy weather (boo). But don’t let drizzly days keep you from enjoying the outdoors on your bike—just follow these tips to keep your ride in the rain safe and stylish.


1. Wear appropriate clothing: Leave flirty skirts and printed ballet flats in your closet. Instead, rock chic yet resilient pieces, à la the Iva Jean Rain Cape.


2. Take extra caution: Ride slower and stop early, as water and dirt can erode breaks.


3. Use fenders: If you don’t have fenders already, get them installed. They’ll protect you from all the mud that your wheels kick up.

4. Cover your seat: Use a cover, like a cute SüLi bike cap, to keep your bike’s seat dry while it’s parked outside. Your backside will thank you.


5. Protect your belongings: Use a bike-friendly, water-resistant bag (we love Bobbin Bicycles’ Pannier for this) to carry your belongings and keep them safe from the rain.


6. Bring a towel: One of the things you should store in the aforementioned bag is a small towel to wipe off your face, hands, and accessories.

7. Avoid potholes: They are often deeper than they appear and, in inclement weather, are a recipe for a muddy, messy disaster. Steer clear.

We Mean Business: Why You Need Bike Insurance

We all dread it: that moment of panic when you realize your bike isn’t where you left it locked up safe and sound.  Bike theft is not only completely dispiriting, it’s a huge hassle that can impact your commute and your wallet, and, according to this AM New York article, it’s on the rise.  Another piece in the New York Times reveals just how common bike theft is, especially in cities like New York, and how deeply personal and isolating an experience it can be.

imagePhoto Credit: Priceonomics

So what can you do to prevent your bike from falling prey to barbarians?  Well, ideally we’re all able to store our bikes in our apartments at night and in our offices during the day.  But often times that’s just not a reality, and the bike racks and railings to which we often lock our bikes are really just serving up our rides to eager thieves. If you depend on your bicycle for work or leisure and view it as an investment, we suggest looking into bike insurance.  

In some cases, bike theft is covered by homeowners’ insurance, while biking accidents might be covered by auto insurance.  But if you’re not a homeowner and don’t own a car, there are a couple companies out there offering pretty progressive bike insurance programs.  Markel is one of them; their bicycle insurance covers not only theft but damage and accidents as well.  Look through their rates and coverage to learn more about the myriad, affordable ways to protect your cycle.

Spoke Bicycle Insurance is another company that offers good coverage options for serious cyclists.  They, too, offer a variety of plans that protect you from theft, damage, injury, and accidents.

It’s worth considering.  Think of bike insurance as an extension of your bike helmet.  It won’t protect your melon but it’ll definitely protect your bike and provide some piece of mind.

3 Important Yoga Poses For Cyclists

You may make cruising around on your bicycle look easy and effortless, but really, it’s hard work.  When your body’s in constant motion, it can be easy to ignore proper form and throw your posture to the wayside.  We’ve put together a short list of yoga poses to help you limber up and stay strong while cycling.


Photo Credit: Sky Hospital

#1: Parsvottanasana (or Pyramid).  This pose is great for promoting balance as well as stretching out your hamstrings. Starting in Mountain pose, step your left foot back about three feet and angle it slightly.  Bring your hands behind your back and either clasp them at the elbows or place them on the ground for some extra support.  Keeping your shoulders back and chest open, lean forward towards your right foot.  Hold for about 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.  


Photo Credit: Yoga Class

#2: Chair Pose.  This pose both strengthens and stretches the lower back and hips, which, as we all know, can tire quickly and ache a lot after a long ride.  Start with your feet a few inches apart, then inhale as you lower your rear as though about to sit in a chair.  Simultaneously, lift your arms into the air, keeping your hips and shoulders back, and hold for 15 seconds breathing deeply.  Exhaling, straighten your legs, fold at the waist, and bring palms to the floor.  Relax your spine and let yourself hang in this position for 15 seconds.  You’ll definitely feel this one in your core and thighs (that means it’s working!).


Photo Credit: Finding Drishti

#3: Bridge Pose.  Because many of us tend to throw posture to the wind when we hop on our bikes, Bridge will help us undo the effects of slouching forward while cycling.  This pose opens up the front of the body and has the added benefit of strengthening the spine.  Begin lying on your back with knees bent, your feet about 6 inches from your hips.  Inhaling, press your feet to the floor and lift your pelvis as high as you comfortably can.  Slowly bring your shoulders closer to your feet, and hold for 30 to 60 seconds, breathing deeply.  Lower down one vertebra at a time, paying close attention to your spine.  

If you happen to be riding your bike to yoga, why not slip on a pair of Riyoko Urban Bikewear’s cycling tights? Moisture-wicking and super comfortable, they complete any outfit, on the street or on the mat.


When you’re done, go ahead and reward yourself with happy baby pose, because you’ll surely be a happy biker if you practice these poses before and after your ride.

Horse Power by Bike


Ever find yourself pedaling along swiftly and silently thinking, “Well this is fine, I guess. But what could I possibly do to make this trip a bit more enlivening?”  Look no further: Trotify is here.  The London-based company has invented a product that mounts on the front wheel of your bike and uses the energy you generate as you pedal to clap two halves of a coconut shell together (à la Monty Python).  The resulting sound gives you that equestrian feel when you’re in the saddle of your six-speed.

Take a look at some Londoners’ first impressions of Trotify:

Big Bear Bicycle Bell

Grr! This bear will be sure to keep road ragey cars at a distance. New bicycle bell from designer Claire La Secrétaire now available!

Bling Ring Bike Bell

Back in stock! This bling bling goes “ring ring” to keep you safe and stylish. A vintage-inspired crystal brooch add just the right amount of sparkle. 




Top Picks for a Cool Bike Helmet on

Good freezing cold morning to everyone.  For those on the East coast, you’re experiencing the same wonderful late January weather we’re having here in NYC.  When I get a little cabin fever, I catch myself dreaming of the warmer months, and that means getting ready for spring cycling here at Eleanor’s.  I just had to share this guest blog post on top picks for a cool bike helmet I pulled together with Melissa from BikePretty. Enjoy! Stay safe and stylish.  And stay warm!


Via Garance Doré

Be the Bell of the Bike with Our New Bike Bells

New bike bells now available! Love the personal note from our vendor Claire Le Secretaire that was typed on a vintage typewriter!

Honeycomb Bicycle Helmet

Be the buzz of the town with this rad Belle helmet with a honeycomb influenced design. Why we love at Eleanor’s:  We love being the queen bee! 

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