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3 Tips for Biking and Cell Phones


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Don’t be like this biker (shown above) and chat on the phone while riding your bike. Everyone knows that you shouldn’t text while driving, and many states have a hands-free rule for talking on your cell phone as well.  It’s distracting, some say as dangerous as driving while intoxicated.  The same is true of using your phone while biking.  Human beings are terrible multi-taskers, as much as we might like to believe (and technology tries to assist us) otherwise.

Here are 3 tips to help you safely use and tote your smartphone with you on your cell two-wheeled trip:

1. Pull over-If you receive a call or text while riding your bike, pull over safety to the sidewalk or curb. Be safe and never chat or text while cycling.

2. Mount-Mounting your phone with one of these fun gadgets can make it quick and easy to reach your phone when parked. Also, these are great for GPS maps and music too.

3. Wait-Mute your cell phone on your bike ride. Use this time to clear your head and enjoy the ride. That important call or text can wait until you arrive at your destination.

Check out these stylish ladies playing it safe while they receive a call and text while biking.


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Safety First: Bike Arm Signals Illustration

Bike Arm signals

I came across this fun illustration from the talented graphic designer Wendy MacNaughton via Pinterest. This illustration is great reminder to use your arm signals when you ride your bike. Although, this illustration says it’s for San Francisco bicyclists, I think we can use it in NYC and across the country too.


Girl’s Guide To Biking In The Polar Vortex

Here’s our guide to biking in the polar vortex since this winter seem like it’s never ending… Let’s face it, riding your bike in the snow and cold is not an easy walk through winter wonderland but with these 8 street-savvy refinements to your bike (think fenders!), wardrobe and bike-handling skills, you’ll be ready to roll in comfort, style, and safety. Bike in snow { Pinterest }

1. Let the Air Out-Lowering the pressure on your bike’s tire, can make it easier to ride in slick and icy conditions.



6 Gifts For The New Cyclist

Looking to get someone you love a bicycle as a gift? Well, when it comes to making sure they are ready to ride, we have just the right accessories to adorn this bicycle with. To help you get ready to prep the greatest gift ever, we have rounded up some of our favorite essential and products that are perfect for the new cyclist. styishcommuter Image Courtesy of Pinterest (more…)

Spotlight: Bookman Lights in Dark Jade

Sure, we wish every bike ride occurred on a perfect, sunny day—but it doesn’t always work out that way. Which is why BOOKMAN lights are great. They’ll alert others to your presence (and light the way) in bad weather or after the sun goes down.

Why we love at Eleanor’s: Anything that combines safety with streamlined style is a winner in our book. Bookman_Bike_Light_Jade

Night Rider: Bicycling Gear for Fall Nights

Autumn, color changes and cool temperatures that rise later and set early with the sun, makes for great cycling. Whether you prefer riding through the quiet neighborhoods or riding through the city, it’s always wise to pedal through fall with the right set of gear for visibility and a freshly tuned up bike. For many states, having the right set of gear is required by law when riding in the evening, so plan your rides accordingly and make sure to be seen as loudly as possible.


Photo Courtesy Of Biking Toronto

To make sure you have the right set of gear- and state of mind- we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite fall night bicycling items to keep you safely saddled up when the sun is down.


1. Riding with lights when it’s dark makes cyclists much more visible and gives other traffic much more time to see and react to you. These Bookman Bicycle Lights are great for alerting others when you’re pedaling your way through the dark. Keep in mind that many states require by law that you have a white light in front and red light on the rear tail.


2. Wearing a reflective vest like this Iva Jean Two Way Reflective Vest  makes you more visible to others and keeps you looking simply stylish on a bicycle as ever.


3. Cole Haan’s Reflective Monroe Penny Loafers just made bicycle style and visibility chic. At night these kicks light up against car headlights, making them a great choice for getting your visibility on.


4. It’s always wise to wear a bicycle helmet at night. You can adorably dress it up with this Reflective Bicycle Helmet Bow to keep you visible and stylishly safe.


5. A neat and simple idea to ride safe at night. These RydeSafe Reflective Bike Moustache Decals work similar to stop signs and road signs as they reflect light back in the direction for a brighter glow.

Spotlight: ShinShackles Reflective Chain Guard

Just in time for the fall season, this reflective chain guard protector is a fashionable way to protect your chinos from your chain and be visible while riding at night.


Why we love at Eleanor’s?  Because we love keeping our pedal pushers look clean and neat.


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