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Stylish Bike Lock: “Put a bird on it”

Plastic-wrapped chain bike lock finished with a charming little feathery friend, from the experts at Charly. This $15 adorable bike lock is great second lock for front bike tire or for a Kid’s bicycle.


Happy Father’s Day: 4 Dads Who Bike

Happy Father’s Day! In honor of this special day celebrating dads, we rounded up four dads who enjoy biking with their kids to work and play.  Dad_Who_Bike (more…)

6 Holiday Bicycle Gifts For Kids

No matter how well we teach our children about the importance of family, friends, and giving during the holidays, any kid will tell you: It’s about the presents! Before you hit the mall, check out our list of kids bicycle gifts that you can Santa to get them for Christmas. Whether they are new to cycling of not, from adorable helmets to bicycle caps, we got the cutest list of kids bicycle holiday gifts. kidschristmasbike Image Courtesy of Media NJ


5 Cute Bicycle Baby Onesies

Have a little wee one that you would love to share your bicycle enthusiasm with? Well, there’s nothing more adorable than baby onsies and even cuter is when they are decorated with bicycles (of course!). Little peddlers are sure to be cozy and adorable in these bicycle inspired onsies that we are just cooing over. bicycle_onsies_vintage

Image Courtesy of Bicycling Mag baby_onsie_bicycle Image Courtesy of Etsy  bicyclebaby_onsie Image Courtesy of Simply Sublime Baby bicycle_onsie_baby Image Courtesy of Hen and Co. pink_baby_onsies Image Courtesy of Vital


What do you think of…

When we say bike skirt?  Probably not this cute number we just had to share with you.  Remember, though, skirted cycling isn’t always easy (even if your skirt has cycles on it) so don’t leave home without your skirt garter clip!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Youth Bike Summit 2013

I was invited to speak on the panel “Get a Job” along with 3 other women in the biking industry at the 3rd annual Youth Bike Summit. The Youth Bike Summit is presented by Recycle A Bike and is a national conference held at the New School in New York City. The conference offers a Keynote presentation, 15 engaging workshops, hands-on activities, a thought-provoking visioning session with youth and adults working in communities near and far.

Here are some of my favorite instagram pictures from the Youth Bike Summit. Check out more with hashtag #YBS2013


Among the keynote speakers at the bike summit were Enrique Penalosa. former Mayor of Bogato, Colombia and Devlynn Chen of Local Spokes.

imageThe Youth Bike Summit 2013 was held in New York City at the college of the New School.


At the summit, there was parade lead by The Rude Mechanical Orchestra down 5th Avenue. We all held hand made signs displaying our bike love!


One of our favorite sign was the “Bike is my Valentine” sign held by these beautiful biking loving ladies.


Some of the biking workshops included presentations from Biking Public Project, WE Bike, Bike New York, Eleanor’s and Bike Works just to name a few.


Here is our table for Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies at Youth Bike Summit. The best seller at the event was the Bird Industries Skirt Garter Clip in Purple & Mint. No Surprise!


The beautiful ladies of WE Bike NYC sold T-Shirts to help support their women friendly biking group.


The ladies of Girls Bike Club from Chicago all sported chic Po Campo bicycle bags to the bike summit.

This was such a great event. Can’t wait til 2014!

Youth Bike Summit 2013

Recycle-A-Bicycle’s Youth Bike Summit is a three day gathering geared toward youth, bicycles, education, and advocacy. This national conference aims to bring people from different disciplines to explore, network, and learn how bicycling can be a legitimate and safe form of transportation for today’s youth.

Alison Lucien of Eleanor’s stylish bicycle accessoires for ladies was asked this week to speak on the panel called “Get a Job” with other small business owners on February 16, 2013. 

This national conference offers a Keynote presentation, 15 engaging workshops, hands-on activities, and a thought-provoking visioning session with youth and adults working in communities near and far. By creating a space where ideas from bicyclists of all ages can be heard, it seek to create a more inclusive national dialogue that addresses the issues, rights, and concerns of all bicyclists. 

WHEN: February 15-17, 2013
WHERE: The New School in New York, NY
KEYNOTE: Enrique Penalosa, former Mayor of Bogota, Colombia
COST: $20/youth; $35/adult *tickets include meals for all three day

Get your tickets for the Youth Bike Summit!