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TGIF: Interview with Kimberley of Tranquility Du Jour

kimberley-tdj What’s your blogs name?

My blog is Tranquility du Jour and can be found at

Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

I love zipping around the city {D.C.} on my pink bike as a source of getting from point A to point B. However, last fall we biked through Avenue of the Giants in the Redwoods and around the rim of the Grand Canyon and that was a highlight of my year. My existence, actually.

Does your bike have a story?

When I donated my car to charity in 2006, I need a form of transportation to get around town easily. My beau helped me locate a white single speed beach cruiser that I loved for a few years. Then the chain started falling off, in traffic. We tightened it, we had it adjusted, we got a new chain and it continued to happen. The chain is critical, especially when your brakes are back pedal. Thus, this pink 3-speed bike cruiser came into my life by waiting for me under the tree one recent Christmas morning. We’ve been close friends ever since.

What is your favorite restaurant?

Olive Garden, don’t judge.

Early bird or night owl?

For years I was a night owl and now that I’m 40, I find the 10-11pm hour much more humane. My goal is to transition more toward the early bird because, after all, they get the worm.

Who is someone you admire?

Can I pick two? I’m crazy about Gloria Steinem and the amazing work she did for the Women’s Movement. I’m also crazy about Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary for the amazing work he does for the animals.

Interview with Carolyn of Two Wheel Travel


What is Two Wheel Travel?

Two Wheel Travel is a state of mind first and foremost. The moment when you realize your bicycle is a form of transport— around town, out into the countryside or around the world. Almost every journey is doable, and more enjoyable, by bicycle. Secondly, its an evolving project my partner and I are working on to promote bicycle travel. After spending years as a city commuter, I wanted to explore more. As an expat in Europe without a car, I quickly discovered the best way to travel is also by bicycle. Traveling then becomes a completely immersive experience–about the journey and the destination. We have cycled across Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, Italy and Israel. We are currently working furiously to produce what we think is the first ever (and hopefully the first of many) Bicycle Travel Guide— for the wonderful European destination of Slovenia.


Bike Style Interview with Robin of Pedal Chic


1. Tell us about Pedal Chic?
Pedal Chic is the first women’s specific bike shop that opened in the country. After a couple of major life changes and having left the corporate world, I wanted to do something that ignited my passions. The story of how I got my start is a bit long, but suffice it to say, opening this shop was the best thing that I have ever done.


Bike Style Interview: Blogger Welcome Home Taylor

Welcome Home dress

1. What is “Welcome Home”?
Welcome Home” is a blog I started a little over two years. I wanted a place to keep track of my life in pictures. It’s become a place where I’ve developed my photography skills, style, and recipes. The name came from a lesson my mother taught us from early on. She raised my siblings and I to always love ourselves and others and to make people feel welcome. I try to carry that out on a daily basis through my relationships with others. Although I’m still not quite to the speed of loving others as my mother is, I’m working on it and my blog helps me out with that growth.


TGIF: Interview With Mary of Chasing Mailboxes

Gersema-Chasing Mailboxes

Q. Tell us about your blog chasing mailboxes d.c.?

A. Chasing Mailboxes is about using your bicycle to experience life, explore, and connect with others.

The blog began as a way for me to capture commutes in Washington, D.C., but quickly expanded to document the tandem bike touring and randonneuring that my husband and I love to do.

Chasing Mailboxes also became the home to the occasional cycling challenge, including Coffeeneuring (riding your bike to get coffee) and the Errandonnee (riding your bike to do errands and get stuff done). Both of these are based loosely on randonneuring concepts, but with a transportation cycling twist and less ambitious mileage.

Q. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

A. My favorite part of riding is the journey. When I’m truly present, my ride is about the awareness of the road surface beneath my wheels, the effort of each pedal stroke, and my body’s response to exposure to the elements. One of my favorite parts about riding tandem is when I completely synchronize with my partner on the bike.

Q. Does your bike have a story?

A. All my bikes have stories, but let me tell you the story of our Co-Motion Java tandem, the bike that loves to climb mountains.

I never planned for us to have the Co-Motion Java as we had a sleek Co-Motion Speedster tandem that was a little wobbly on steep climbs, but overall rode quite nicely and fit me perfectly. We rode the Speedster at the famed Paris-Brest-Paris in 2011 and again at the Colorado High Country 1200K in 2012. However, when we finished the Colorado ride we noticed a crack in the paint on the stoker seat tube that later revealed that our bike actually had a crack in it, meaning we had to say goodbye to our Speedster.

As a result, we ended up with our Co-Motion Java tandem. Initially, the bike struck me as too beefy and burly. I mean, you should see the tubes on this tandem; they are huge! I missed the elegance of our Speedster.

However, when we took our Co-Motion Java tandem to Colorado this summer and rode over mountain after mountain each day (including Trail Ridge Road) I grew to love that bike. We climbed confidently, the Java providing a reliable platform for our effort. We loaded our tandem with gear and it still felt solid and responsive. Finally, we put wide tires on the Java and it took us gracefully from pavement to gravel. I fell in love with that bike on our Colorado summer tour because I realized that our Co-Motion Java tandem is one tough bike that is happy to take us anywhere we want to go.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?

A. I’m not that much of a restaurant person. I’m more of a coffeeneur at heart and I confess that my current favorite coffee destination is Baked and Wired in Washington, D.C., where the espressos are divine and the pumpkin ginger loaf is spectacular.

Q. Early bird or night owl?

A. When it comes to riding, I’m definitely more of a night owl. Riding under the moonlight and soaking in the beauty of the stars is a great way to spend the evening. Maybe that’s why I like randonneuring so much. Plenty of opportunities for sunsets and stargazing.

Q. Who is someone you admire?

A. My BikeDC friend Joan O., who radiates positivity and a zest for life. She’s one of those people who you want to be around because her good energy can’t help but be infectious.

Retired and living just outside the District, Joan gets her groceries and does errands by bike (using a Burley trailor), leads weekend rides with a local bicycling club, volunteers with one of our local bike organizations, and makes time to bike tour, too. BikeDC is lucky to have her as part of our community.

Janet of One Woman, Many Bicycles Interview


Q. What is One Woman, Many Bicycles?

A. One Woman, Many Bicycles. Because I have a bike for every day of the week and I ride every day of the week!

Q. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

A. University Avenue in downtown Palo Alto, CA for dinner with my husband for Bike Date Friday. There are so many great restaurants to choose from and the quiet ride  home through the old neighborhoods in Palo Alto is a year-round delight.

Q. Does your bike have a story?

A. All my bikes have stories. My favorite bike story is from the one I rarely ride, my 1986 Pro Miyata road bike. If I hadn’t gone into the bike shop to have it shipped, I might never have found my true love. My now-husband was the sales manager at the shop and let’s just say he took his time checking me out.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?

A. Oh, that’s too tough. One of the rules for our standing date for Bike Date Friday is that we can’t go to the same restaurant twice. It keeps the date fresh and even after 3 years it’s easier than you think to find somewhere new. Our favorite places tend to have carefully-crafted classic cocktails and fresh local vegetables.

Q. Early bird or night owl?

A. Definitely not an early bird but I’m not the night owl I used to be. The tough part about being a night owl here on the San Francisco peninsula is finding late night places to eat. The Hong Kong style noodle shops on Castro Street in Mountain View were my top pick back in the day.

Q. Who is someone you admire?

A. My modern day hero is Janette Sadik Kahn for reclaiming the streets of New York City for people. Even with the support of the mayor, it’s not easy to implement the sweeping changes her department has in such a short period of time, especially with the harsh criticism from so many directions. I love her vision but admire most her toughness to make it happen.

Bike Style Interview with Sara of Girls and Bicycles

winter bike Q. What is Girls and Bicycles?

A. In 2007 I started riding a bike again for transportation, and was surprised to discover how fun and easy it was! Since then, my love affair with cycling has prompted a lifestyle overhaul of the best kind. Now even the simplest outings are healthy, social and fun.

From the blog’s beginning, I have also embraced transportation via public transit, carpooling, and plain old pedestrianism. I don’t like the feeling that my mobility is inherently linked to the operation of a motor vehicle. How limiting, and boring. Here at Girls and Bicycles we endeavor to live local, have fun, and be our best

Q. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

A. Anywhere with my kids, or where there is a glass of wine waiting for me.

Q. Does your bike have a story?

A. My winter bike is a Kona mountain bike I used to ride in high school! I bought it second hand from a family friend and never really loved it. Instead of throwing it in the heap, my local bike shop suggested I could get new handlebars, a better saddle, and make some adjustments for it to become a wonderful winter bike (like studded tires). It’s one of my ugliest bikes, but one that I ride most often. I call it Frankenstein, and I love it.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?

A. Corso32 and MRKT up here in Edmonton, and Din Tai Fung in Hong Kong.

Q. Early bird or night owl?


Q. Who is someone you admire?

A. I really admire my husband, who manages to work in politics and still keep it real. His intelligence, diplomacy, and humility inspire me! He has also been a bicycle commuter since he was a teen, and has always supported my purchase of more bikes.

Bike Style Interview With Maria of A Healthy Design


A Healthy Design is my scrapbook for documenting some of my bike-related adventures since becoming an instructor and an obsessive volunteer for local bicycle advocacy groups. I’m also part of Women on Bikes California, and we recently launched Pedal Love, a collective that provides support, facilitates educational opportunities and promotes the stories of women who bike.

1. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

I don’t have a favorite place, but as long as I can do plenty of shopping and eating, I’m happy. A bicycle, lights, panniers, and smartphones make impromptu adventures possible. When I’m riding around L.A., I don’t always have a set end point. Bringing my bicycle on the train, light rail, and buses helps me broaden my routes and reach multiple destinations. I earn my miles through short trips since I haven’t done much long-distance riding.

2. Does your bike have a story?

My current bicycle is my reliable daily companion and what I became comfortable with as I began commuting. It’s a Liv/giant Escape City with an XS frame, which was a relief to find because my previous bicycle was not a good fit. Cyber Monday got the best of me, and I ordered a new bicycle this week. It’s on its way, and I’ll tell you more about it later!

3. What is your favorite restaurant?

It’s a three-way tie. My favorites are Sushi Gen— ideal setting for solo diners; Guisados for more taco options than anyone could wish for; and Daw Yee Myanmar Café for its famous tea leaf salad. I can’t let my L.A. foodie friends read this. They’ll argue with me in a heartbeat.

4. Early bird or night owl?

I struggle to stay awake past midnight. Prime time for me is 10 a.m.

5. Who is someone you admire?

I admire my sister. She’s an inspiring warrior, my best friend, and my frequent dining companion who agrees we should always leave room for dessert.

Bike Interview with Chrystal of Plastic Bags and Magazines

20131207_142858 Photo Credit: Keith Caden

Q. What is Plastic Bags and Magazines?

A. It’s a lifestyle blog that revolves around fashion, travel, food, music, and of course, cycling. I try to give readers inspiration to find their own way and to live their best life on their terms.

Q. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

A. Home!  I live in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago and I commute to work downtown.  I look forward to getting out of the craziness of downtown and into the relative serenity of my neighborhood. I spend a lot of weekends cycling to parks across the city to drink tea, snap photos, and eat sandwiches.  There’s nothing like packing a picnic and getting out.  Otherwise, I like biking to local thrift stores and to my gigs when I’m deejaying.

Q. Does your bike have a story?

A. It does!  I ride a green 1967 Schwinn Collegiate – made in Chicago!  It’s called “La Lanterne Vert” since it has the original dynamo powered headlight on it.

My mother had this same model of bike when I was a baby – it’s a real workhorse. She got rid of it when I was small, but I loved the shiny green paint and springy saddle.  I looked high and low for the same bicycle and found one in the western suburbs of Chicago.  I bought it from a really nice guy named Chuck who had inherited it from his aunt.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?

A. My favorite local restaurant is probably Avec on Randolph Street in Chicago.  The communal seating can be a bit mad, but the food is always well made, delicious, and affordable. I travel quite a bit, so I’d say the Deptford Project Cafe (which has moved) in Deptford, London is a close second and more for the atmosphere than the food.  There’s this crazy outhouse bathroom that is plastered in Elvis Presley paraphernalia.

Q. Early bird or night owl?

A. I used to be a night owl, but working an 8 to 5 job changes things.  I’m definitely an early bird, to my husband’s dismay. I love the solitude of 6am and find that I am the happiest, and most energetic and creative in the early hours.  There’s something very renewing about watching the sun come up and the watching the city coming to life.

Q. Who is someone you admire?

A. My mother is my first choice because she’s an incredibly talented and resourceful woman. She worked outside of the home for 10-12 hours day, six days a week, raised three kids, kept an immaculate home, had dinner on the table, and still made time to enjoy the things she loved.  I still don’t know how she did it.  However, I’ll have to say my husband.  He uprooted his entire life from London, England and moved 4,000 miles to be with the woman he loves.

Interview with Amanda of Amanda Stosz Photography


Q. What your business?

A. Freelance photographer, retoucher, and artist at Amanda Stosz

Q. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

A. The beach, or just somewhere new to explore by bike with friends.

Q. Does your bike have a story?

A. I’m not sure if it’s considered a story and it’s not particularly interesting, but I was searching for a mid 1980’s Centurion Iron Man in good condition and in my size and not astronomically expensive for about a year. I passed up a lot of duds and ended up finding the perfect one on Craigslist in Asbury Park, New Jersey. I rented a car to drive out from the city to pick it up. The person I bought it from had never ridden it or fixed it up since he had purchased it from an estate sale. It appeared to have never been ridden at all since it was originally purchased from a bike shop in New Jersey.

Q. What is your favorite restaurant?

A. Oh gosh. Within New York City, I can’t really think of just one favorite, but I love Quintessence, One Lucky Duck, Champs, Clementine Bakery, the ice cream shop formally known as Lula’s Sweet Apothecary and if food trucks count, Cinnamon Snail, but most of all, my own kitchen.

Q. Early bird or night owl?

A. Neither. What’s a middle of the day bird?

Q. Who is someone you admire?

A. John Waters, Kathleen Hanna and all my friends.

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