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Interview with Heather & Casey of Reclamation Dept.

Reclamation Dept

1.Tell us about your company Reclamation Dept.?

Heather –We took over Reclamation Dept. last year when the original founders, our wonderful friends Mychele Woolley-Fly and Ben Pitts decided to pursue world travel and new creative ventures. Casey had interned with them for about a year and I was in the process of starting my own small craft-focused business so we agreed to join forces and run Reclamation Dept together. Our company is essentially a multi-faceted recycling project. We love finding creative ways to bring new life to forgotten items. We sell vintage clothing and various accouterments made from salvaged materials but the most dynamic and consistent part of the business is our line of bicycle accessories made from vintage military stock. Casey is my best friend and I am so happy that we get to work together almost every day! (more…)

Bike Style Interview with Kate of Petal by Pedal


1. Tell us about Petal by Pedal.

Petal by Pedal seeks to bring locally grown bouquets to New York City doorsteps, by bicycle. Celebrating the natural beauty growing within our own backyard, Petal by Pedal picks seasonal flowers from urban rooftops, Brooklyn gardens, and New York farms — and delivers them via Bullitt cargo bicycles bearing PxP’s nostalgic logo. Our handcrafted bouquets are thoughtfully arranged and sustainably packaged in recycled brown kraft paper and mason jars, with our cards typed out by typewriter. We offer authenticity and connection in the realm of buying flowers online — flowers simplified.

Petal-by_Pedal 2

2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride? (more…)

Interview with Melissa of Bike Pretty


1. Tell us about Bike Pretty.

Have you ever been in this situation? You’re biking home from work and you stop at a light. You look around at your fellow bike-commuters, and realize you’re the only lady in the bike lane. Not only that, but all the dudes are kitted out with hi-viz wind breakers, clip-in pedals, helmet mirrors, massive messenger bags, and various high-tech accoutrements. (more…)

Bike Interview with Sara of Full Hands


1. What is full hands bike blog about?
Full Hands originally started as an at-home parenting blog. However, as my boys grew and I went back to work outside of the home, I became more concerned about what were my tales to tell versus what were my sons’ stories and how and when they could make the decision about the public sharing of their own stories. That same year I discovered cargo bikes and became a woman possessed, and in February 2009, our first cargo bike, a Workcycles bakfiets, was shipped to our home from Portland, OR, and the blog became all about our experiences as family bicyclists. I couldn’t give up the name “Full Hands”– a play on what folks liked to say to us when they saw us with three boys close in age but with the flipped idea of wonderful, positive abundance of good– for a more bikey title, but Full Hands is a cargo and family bicycling blog. I’ve blogged less and less in this past year or so but we are still riding bikes and I have so enjoyed witnessing other families’ discovery of cargo bikes that change their worlds so much that they just *have* to blog about it.


Interview with Claire of Claireabellemakes


1. What is Claireabellemakes blog about?

Claireabellemakes is primarily a craft blog sharing DIY projects and tips for a handmade lifestyle. I also run an Etsy store selling bicycle accessories so I use the blog as a platform to connect with my customers. My bicycle obsession regularly features on the blog, with bike themed DIYs, photos from cycle rides and even bicycle stationery features! (more…)

Interview with Bloggers of Pug Velo

Gordo 1. What is Pug Velo blog about?
The blog is about our pug (Gordo) and transportation biking, with the occasional foray into bike infrastructure, local politics, dog psychology, classic country music, good beer, Masterpiece Theater… we take it wherever we think it needs to go each time. Many of the posts are about short trips we’ve done with him in a basket on the front of one of our bikes – weekend trips around Boston, vacations, picking up a christmas tree in a Burley trailer, whatever. We try to show a normal family doing normal things, but doing them without a single-occupancy car whenever possible. It helps that we have a pug who can talk. I feel like that’s probably an unfair advantage over other blogs, but we adopted him fair and square, so… finders keepers. (more…)

Bike Style Interview with Sawako Furuno

Sawako_Furuno Interview

1. Why did you want to start designing bicycle helmets?
Being an architect, I have been passionate about anything to do with designs and life style.
While I was cycling in London, I faced the dilemma that I wanted to be safe on road but I didn’t want to look like I was ‘racing’ to work with sporty helmets.


Bike Style Interview with Rachel Perkins


1. Tell us about yourself?
I’m a freelance writer currently living in Jackson, MS in a small house with two fat cats. When I’m not working, I’m usually eating crumbly bits of goat cheese right out of the plastic container, guzzling red wine by the double barrel, or counting my lipsticks. If my house was on fire, I’d save my cats, my bike, and my original pressing of The White Album.


Interview with Lifestyle Blogger of Hannah Hart Beat


1. What is Hannah Hart Beat blog about?

Hannah Hart Beat is a lifestyle blog that highlights photographs, music, poems, and fashion brands all with a romantic twist. I started the blog while I was in college writing my undergraduate thesis. After writing about Spanish literature all day every day, every day, I desperately needed a break and a distraction. Hart Beat was the perfect creative outlet. Now Hart Beat centers around my life in Brooklyn, more specifically, my life in Greenpoint.


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