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TGIF: Interview with Sarah McBrair of Love of Pretty

6 Questions for Sarah McBrair, Owner of Love of Pretty

1. Why did you want to start Love of Pretty

I have always loved accessorizing and the way a new piece of jewelry makes me feel.  After having an online marketing career for 7 years I was dying to start my own business.  I started making jewelry as a hobby.  One night I was at dinner with my mom and the women next to us actually asked to buy my earrings off of me right there at the restaurant…I decided to was time to take the plunge.   

2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

Ideally I like there to be water around to look at since I do ride a beach cruiser.  But I also love just riding around in my neighborhood with my husband.  We go up and down in each street and admire all the New England Homes!   

3. Does your bike have a story?

Yes!  I was at a wellness festival in Keystone Colorado and there was a bike company Nirve giving test rides, the moment I was on one of those bikes I knew I had to have one.  The wide handle bars, tall seat, and bright colors, total love at first site.  My best friend and I took the plunge and ordered bikes right there.  The day the shop called me that my bike was ready I stormed out of my office like someone had just stolen my purse.  I hadn’t felt excitement like this in a long time.  The bike fits my style to a t.  It is bright yellow with mint green rims and a Sunflower pattern.  I named it “Sunny D” Similar to my jewelry it’s a pretty amazing feeling when you find something that compliments your style and you enjoy so much!  

4. What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?

It was Gino’s.  But after over 50 years in business sadly last year they lost there lease so I am always on a hunt for top notch Italian.  (old surly Italian waiters is a prerequisite)  

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

At this moment Cognac, France.  I would take my husband and stay in the village and take cooking classes.  Added bonus would be to have Sunny D there so I could plop baguettes in the back of my bike and ride around.   

6. Who is someone that inspires you?

My Love of Pretty Lifestyle Photographer Sarah from After Glow Photos.  She works around the clock to keep her business going.  She is modest so hard working and still is able to have fun as she is doing it.   

TGIF: Interview with Joann Kim Nunez Of Dekalb Market

6 Questions for Joann Kim Nunez

1. What inspired you to produce Dekalb Market?

I have a background in event production (with a specialty in markets), community development, marketing and programming so I signed up to manage this market to develop my skills in each component and join a community that is encased with passionate small business owners, a platform to share wares and creative energies with the public, and take advantage of the opportunity to take over the world, one market at a time. 🙂

2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

The West Side Highway. I often forget that NYC is an island and riding up from my apartment in the LES to Washington Heights is a beautiful reminder that we’re by the water. There are so many non-urban activities with folks jogging, biking, sun tanning, jet-skiing, canoeing and reading. Sounds like a vacation island doesn’t it? I wish!

3. Does your bike have a story?

My husband Angel & I have the same (girl and boy version) white vintage Peugeots. I’ve rode my bike around for years and started off with a badass white framed BMX and graduated to a white framed fixed gear Peugeot. Upon marriage I settled down and found a white-framed Peugeot that was tamer. We were lucky to find a matching bike for Angel and we make a beautiful pair because of it.

4. What is your favorite restaurant in NYC?

We live around the corner from a small Japanese restaurant in LES called SOY. It’s straight up traditional home cooked meals you won’t find anywhere else. No California rolls to be found here.

5. Early bird or night owl?

Early bird. In Korea I lived with my grandma who woke up at 5am on-the-dot every day and blasted the TV.  I’d wake up picking my nose watching TV and eating spoonfuls of cake frosting to start my day. I never broke from the habit (I’ve since curbed my nose picking) and come 9pm my brain turns off without the aid of Red Bull.

6. Who is someone that inspires you?

My best friend Mai comes to mind right away. She’s a constant reminder that I don’t need to be bombarded by the demanding needs of tech and social media, which I often become overwhelmed by and feel irrelevant otherwise, and that it’s a better way of living to enjoy the simple moments like baking pound cake and dancing tango.

TGIF: Interview With Karen of Velo City

4 Questions with Karyn Williams from Velo City

1. Why did you start Velo City?

I started Velo City about 2.5 years ago with my two friends Samelys Lopez and Naomi Doerner.  We wanted to share our passion for cycling and urban planning with young people because we wish we could have been exposed to urban planning as a career option at an earlier age.  The goal of our organization is to provide opportunities for young people to explore the city on bicycles and to provide career training and leadership opportunities for students in the planning and design world. I don’t expect that every student that gets on a bike and rides with us will then go on to be an architect or an urban planner, but I do expect that every student that participates in our programs will go on to be a more active citizen.


2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

I have many favorite destinations but, in Brooklyn my favorite bike ride is along the Brooklyn Green-way down to Red Hook.  My other favorite bike ride is in Manhattan along the Hudson River Park Green-way. 

3. Early bird or night owl?

Early Bird but I do love a late night bike ride in the summer. 

4. How can NYC be more bike friendly?

 I think that the Bike Share Program is certainly a step in the right direction but more biking infrastructure like protected bike lanes and green-ways would great improve conditions in the city. I also feel strongly that there needs to be greater awareness on the part of motorists and cyclist on the rules of the road and how to share the road.

Interview with Greer Shatzer

5 Question for Greer Shatzer

1. What is Your Spoiled Pets and why did you start this company? 

Your Spoiled Pets is a pet care service company that offers dog walking, doggy daycare, dog boarding and cat sitting. My husband and I started this company when we both realized that we were unhappy with our current professions at the time. We both knew we loved working with animals and were very knowladgable when it came to caring for them and what they need. We decided to quit doing what we spend thousands of dollars on studying in school and do something that we loved. 

2. Where did you get this fabulous vintage bicycle?

I got it when I was 18 as a birthday present from a boyfriend. I actually found a matching identical one, which I bought him for his birthday a year later.

3. What’s your favorite Brooklyn restaurant?

El Almacen or Moto. Can’t decide. They are both bikeable from my place.

4. What is your dream vacation?

Any place tropical with turqoise water, drinks on the beach and where the dogs can rome free.

5. Who is someone that inspires you?

Martha Stewart. Just Kidding. My husband, Scott.

TGIF: Chrissy Michaels

5 Question for Chrissy Michaels

1. What do you do at Nextdoorganics at Dekalb Market?

I’m the executive chef and manager of our container serving some innovative farm-to-table food at reasonable prices. I also get to meet CSA members (people that buy produce and small batch-made products from us on a weekly basis) and help answer any questions they have about what’s in their weekly produce bag.  

2. What is your favorite summer picnic recipe?

Picnic… psh! BBQ!! summertime is all about the grill for me. perfectly charred burgers, whole vegetables straight over real-wood charcoal, stone fruit dripping with brown sugar and cinnamon. but for reals, for picnics, I love a raw kale salad because it starts off as a salad, and if you leave it in the sun long enough, they’ll slowly bake and turn into kale chips. It’s like a two-fer-one whammy! just devein and tear the kale, massage it really well with olive oil and salt, and then add some vinegar or any kind of acid. finish the salad with something crunchy, something chewy, and something crisp!

3. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

My bike is a cruiser, so it’s more of a leisurely ride than a trekking bike. I like to go anywhere with a hill that allows me to gain speed and ride like the wind!! lol. I use it mostly to get back and forth from work or around Bushwick on the weekends.  

4. Where did you get your bike and does your bike have a name? 

I got my bike from Zukkies but i get it serviced at Bravo’s in Bushwick on Dekalb Ave and Wilson. it’s the perfect shop for me because Bravo also works on a lot of the low-riders popular in this neighborhood, so he always has fat tires and white walls, plus lots of awesome accessories. who else has sparkly streamers?! and, in case you hadn’t noticed, my bike is kinda girlie, and so am I, so one day I was walking past eleanors and couldn’t help but wonder if their skirt clip was really worth it. I mean, I could just use a safety pin, but seriously… have had the thigh-skirt-clip thing for a few weeks now and it’s like a whole new world of modesty has occurred. I only wear skirts and the clip keeps my skirt firmly attached to my leg so as I bike, I don’t have to keep pulling down my dress or flashing half of Brooklyn!! highly recommend to any ladies that ride in skirts!

5. If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why?

I’ve always wanted to go to Japan. something about the subtle, clean flavors and culture is really appealing to me. I like the zen minimalism that seems to be such a part of the old culture. not really as much into the digital craze! 

25 Pick Up Lines for Bicyclist

  1. I’m no hipster, but I’d ride a fixie for you.
  2. Baby I noticed you have a new drive train… wanna test it out tonight?
  3. Is that your kickstand, or are you just happy to see me?
  4. You make my rain pants sweaty.
  5. I’ve never seen a sleeker frame.
  6. I would love to true your wheels.
  7. When are we going to Amsterdam together?
  8. This is just my commuter bike. How about I make you dinner and show you my other ones?
  9. I bet we could do some good interval training together.
  10. Want to plan a ride up [insert name of hill or mountain]. It feels great when you’re on top.
  11. I’d buy a tandem just to ride with you.
  12. I believe in riding with protection. [point to helmet]
  13. Wanna come over and borrow my chain whip?
  14. You know, I don’t need energy bars to keep me going.
  15. Let’s watch the Tour de France together. We can live stream it in bed tomorrow morning.
  16. Can I take you for a spin on my handlebars?
  17. You’re so cute, you could be a feature on a Cycle Chic blog.
  18. Can I make you a recovery drink? You’re going to need it.
  19. Need a commuting partner? Because I am amazing in the bike lane.
  20. I saw you getting dirty on the cyclocross course.
  21. Want to lock our bikes together?
  22. I’ll be your mechanic if you’ll be my ride.
  23. Hey there, do you need to use my pump?
  24. You make my spokes spin.
  25. I love morning rides.


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