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Bike Style Interview: Fruzsi of Peachpatrol Designs

1. Tell us about your beautiful artwork?
My name is Fruzsi (pronounced froo-shee), I am an Adelaide (South Australia) based illustrator, ceramicist and cat lady. I have had my Etsy shop called ‘peachpatrol designs‘ for six years and am currently in the process of opening my own studio /retail space in Norwood in collaboration with Brick + Mortar. I make original paintings, limited edition prints and gift cards featuring my quirky lady portraits and illustrations of fictional creatures. I combine my love for poetry, design and art by making little thoughtful products using 100% recycled paper and natural pigments where-ever possible.

The amazing Historia Films made a short video about me 2 years ago, which invites you into my weird and wonderful world:

peachpatrol from Historia Films on Vimeo.

2. What is your favorite bike route?
My favourite bike routes are in Tokyo, where cyclists are so safe they don’t have to wear helmets or indicate when turning! Its my dream for the lovely town of Adelaide to catch up and really put cyclists’ safety first. This aside, I love riding through the parklands bordering the city, and along the beach from Brighton to Glenelg.

3. How would you describe your bike style?
I would describe my bike style as speedy, comfortable and functional – shorts or black jeans paired with boots, a plain singlet and maybe men’s flanny or bright jumper over the top. This is my usual studio ‘uniform’! I love exploring new suburbs and riding to coffee dates, especially when I can do it quickly and efficiently! This is why I love roadbikes and riding in clothes that are fitting and comfortable.

4. What is your favorite restaurant?
The lack of bike-lanes aside, Adelaide is tremendous for vegan food and outstanding coffee! My boyfriend and I are often found having lunch and coconut lattes at Nutrition Republic. The staff are really friendly and attentive and the quality of the ingredients is always fantastic.

5. Who is someone you admire?
I admire my beautiful mother Patricia for her talent, generosity and never-ending compassion. She has also been the greatest supporter of my work and my biggest fan. She is the best!

Bike Style Interview: Vanessa and Annie of BFF Bikes


{ Photo by Joshua Alexandre Haines }

1. Tell us about BFF Bikes

BFF Bikes is a women focused bike shop so that means we have a much wider selection of women’s bikes, accessories, and apparel. Neither Vanessa or I come from the industry, but rather have spent a lot of time as the consumer and so we bring that perspective and created the kind of shop we wish existed. It has a bright, friendly, and up-beat atmosphere where everyone is welcome– including men. We love getting to know all our customers, whether they haven’t ridden a bike since they were a kid or if they are a long-time triathlete. We have a full service shop too and hold monthly basic fix-a-flat and maintenance classes as well as the occasional more advanced class. We also sponsor Chicago’s largest women’s only racing team and have open training rides. We’re very active in the cycling community and want to help it grow! (more…)

Bike Style Interview: Nicole of Bicycle Bonjour



1. Tell us about Bonjour Bicycle

Bonjour Bicycle is a light-hearted blog that aims to get more women transport cyclists on the road. For the longest, I wanted to bike to work in DC but was terrified of the traffic, not sure about what to wear, and knew little about bicycles (or any of the accessories) for commuting. At some point, I became tired of thinking about riding and just started. And once I did, I began to get questions from other women, like me, who wanted to ride, have professional/office jobs, kids, etc. but who still wanted to travel on a bike and do so with style.

2. What is your favorite bike route?

I’m not sure if it’s a route per se, but I love riding the bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave. It’s such a great way to see the Capitol. And because the lanes are in the middle, you feel front and center.

3. How would you describe your bike style?

Girly, but practical. I love wearing fit-n-flare dresses, which are often considered girly. But these are also great for riding because you have so much freedom to move. Depending on the weather, I can pair them with tights, leggings, shorts, or a skirtweight, and I’m good to go.

4. What is your favorite restaurant?

This question is coming at the perfect time! My husband, son and I just came back from Charleston, SC and had the best experience at The Ordinary. The food was sublime, the service impeccable, and the setting perfect. Definitely an experience I will remember.

5. Who is someone you admire?

There are quite a few, but if I had to pick one it would be my mom. She’s incredibly strong – and has taught me to be strong – but with an equally big heart. I love her to bits!


Bike Interview with Style Blogger Joua


{ Gina Her Photography }

1. Tell us about your blog “Joua To The Rescue
I started my personal style blog in 2010 after being inspired by renowned fashion bloggers Chriselle Lim of “The Chriselle Factor” and Aimee Song of “Song of Style”. However, I stopped managing my blog between 2011 and early 2014 when my business partner Parker XL and I were on a mission to successfully run the first online fashion and entertainment magazine in Minnesota… something that would be unique from mainstream Minnesota fashion and entertainment. After having left my job there in April 2014, I realized that virtually every time I made a post on the blog, it was because I was bored. My boredom led me to pick up my blog again and hence the name, “Joua to the Rescue”.
My personal style blog is my form of entertainment by “rescuing” my boring days and those who just needs a quirky and lovely encouragement for the day. On “Joua To The Rescue” blog you’ll find my generally classy and sassy personal style, me playing with a random item sometimes such as a grapefruit, along with some fashion tips. For example, right now I am working on a “Budget-nista” collaboration that features an outfit that’s less than $100 from diverse well styled fashion bloggers who generally shop on a budget. I am content that I returned to blogging because it’s my outlet to connect with my passion for fashion, and friends and family with similar interest! (more…)

Bike Interview with Accessories Designer Silke Jacobs

Silke Jacobs

1. Tell us about bySilkeJacobs?

The idea for my namesake line of bags and accessories came about 3 years ago when I started sewing again to make fun and practical bags for myself and friends. After a few months of experimenting and creating my own designs, I realized how much I enjoyed the process and decided to open up an Etsy shop. As the orders kept coming in, I expanded my brand, collection, and customer base. My current collection includes a wide variety of accessories ranging from coin purses and pencil pouches to shoulder bags and totes.


Bike Interview: Mara & Megan of Henry Liz (cool bike totes designers)


1. Tell us about Henry Liz?
We came to this from an innovation standpoint, from a fashion-first perspective on the whole biking thing. We saw a real problem, for real people in NYC, in SF, in Portland, in Paris — you know urban cyclists who are using their bicycles to go to brunch, to the work meeting, on dates. This helmet tote is all about letting people weave helmets into their lives — Safe marries Style. And keeping these amazing people safe and free.

2. How did you come up with the idea for Henry Liz?
OK, Megan went to DC and was hanging with friends and they were using the DC version of Citibike, and they didn’t have an elegant solution for carrying their bicycle helmets around. And Megan thought about that. And she saw me at a party on the rooftop of our old building on the Bowery. And there was a lot of nostalgia about that roof. Great place, great memories, always amazing ideas spawning left and right on that roof. Anyway, she’s gazing at the New Museum and she tells me about DC. And then suddenly we’re making prototypes in my place in Williamsburg. “Atelier Holmgren.” And we make a million versions, meet Roy (our manufacturer), and voila. (more…)

Bike Interview: Stella from Rolling Orange


1. Tell us about Rolling Orange?

Rolling Orange Bikes was founded 4 year and a couple of weeks ago by Ad Hereijgers, a Dutchman that works as an urban planner in New York. He saw the ever growing number of bike lanes and thought ‘on what kind of bikes are people going to enjoy these lanes?’ Coming from bike nation Holland, that has a strong tradition manufacturing city bikes, he answered the question as himself ‘with Dutch bikes that I’m going to bring here’. That’s how Rolling Orange started. Marc, my partner and I joined ROB 2 years ago. We want to bring our love, knowledge and bike culture to New York City. ROB was founded in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, because the biking situation in Brooklyn is a little bit more advantageous than in the city, although things are still rapidly changing for the better there too. (more…)

Bike Interview: Tanya & Jeanne of Bike Stylish

Stylish_Bike 1. Tell us about Bike Stylish?

Jeanne: I love biking and as an entrepreneur often my destination is a business meeting, so looking professional and stylish when arriving at my meetings is key. Bike Stylish started as an Instagram project in the summer of 2013 when I was inspired to show friends that riding a bike can look just as slick and professional as driving the latest sports car. This small project morphed into an article on Elephant Journal Can’t be Stylish Biking? My 38 Days of Bike Photos Will Prove You Wrong. The response I received was fantastic, from those being inspired to hop onto their bikes for their commute, to others who had a flurry of questions as to how I actually got around in some of my outfits. The questions and interest in biking stylishly led to a series of Bike Stylish articles on Elephant Journal, an interview with the Waylon Lewis on Walk the Talk Show, a partnership with Tanya Dueri (more…)

Bike Style Interview with Fran B (my Mom)

Frans' Bike 002

In honor of Mother’s Day, Fran B. (my cycling mom) is our weekly Friday featured bike rider. I love you, Mom! Thanks for being a wonderful inspiration for me.

1. Where do you like to ride your bike?

Downtown Boise, Idaho. I love riding the Greenbelt. I follow the Greenbelt along the Boise River into the downtown business area. I love stopping and having lunch at one of the restaurants and then visiting the framer’s market at the Capital Market. It is a great route and the scenery is beautiful. (more…)

Interview with Marin of Dashing Bicycles & Accessories


1. Why did you want to start Dashing Bicycles & Accessories?
Dashing Bicycles & Accessories has been a brainchild of mine for a while – I knew from my early days in bicycle advocacy and bike event organizing here in New Orleans and in NYC, where I used to live, that focusing on what made biking fun and accessible for all types of people would always be my passion. Here in New Orleans, the weather, the flat terrain, the architecture, the people, and the history are all pretty damn gorgeous, so I wanted to promote cycling as synonymous to that. Dashing Bicycles &Accessories really blossomed (more…)

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