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7 Tastiest Nutrition Bars For Your Handlebar Bag

If you love biking around as much as the team at Eleanor’s does, then you know how important it is to keep your body fueled while on the bike. As much as we’d love to pack a baguette and bushel of grapes for the road, sometimes it just isn’t a practical fit for that handlebar bag you clip on for the quicker errands. Below are 7 of our favorite nutrition bars that fit perfectly inside our beloved Mercy & Ruth Handlebar bags, making it possible to simultaneously look chic and stay fueled.


1. This Acai Berry Chia Bar by Health Warrior is packed with antioxidants. Did we also mention that they are 100% natural and 100% vegan as well as free of gluten, dairy, and soy!

2. Zing makes this yummy almond blueberry nutrition bar which is great for a day of errands. Zing sweetens their nutrition bars with agave nectar which is a “slow burning” food, meaning it releases blood sugar slowly making you feel energized all day.

3. If the cute bear on the front doesn’t hook you immediately, then the fruit snack inside surely will. Meet fun and delicious fruit creation, Yoyo’s by Bear Nibbles. Yoyo’s is a baked fruit snack that is free of preservatives and added sugars. We love Yoyo’s for making fruit way easier to eat on the bike.

4. Bodacious Blueberry Vanilla energy bar (we love the name too!) by Bearded Brothers is their top seller, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only are they 100% natural, vegan, gluten, and soy free but they are also 100% raw! Raw food is great because it doesn’t loose any nutrients while being processed, which means more energy to go farther on those summer night rides.

5. Ever go to the health food store, and upon browsing rows and rows of nutrition bars can’t seem to find one that sounds appealing to you? Meet the bar that solves all of that! Element Bars are custom whole foods bars! You can choose what fruits and nuts you would like in the bar, as well as whether you would like the core of your bar to be crispy, chewy, oaty etc. Nothing says bicycle chic like your own blend of bicycle nutrition bars!

6. If you feel like erring on the side of European bicycle girl chic then Musette Bakery is right up your alley! Musette Bakery makes baked goods specifically for bicycling. There are no preservatives and no “goo” as they like to call it. Just some really great, wholesome bike fuel in the form of apple tarts, waffles, golden bars, and honey and oat cookies. What’s not to love? Go here to read more about our favorite brother sister duo.

7. The KIND bar has dominated the nutrition bar game recently, and for good reason! Besides the fact that they are gluten, wheat, dairy, cholesterol, and trans fat free, they taste amazing and are made with all natural ingredients that you can pronounce. KIND bars make it easy to fuel and go. Our favorite is the fruit and nut variety!

Bicycles Around The Kitchen

Spin your bicycle enthusiasm with these bicycle-inspired kitchen accessories. From a recycled bicycle fruit and bread baskets to cycle-themed dinnerware, we’ve got plenty of kitchen design ideas to get your creative wheels spinning. A word of caution, you may start running victory laps around your kitchen after adding any of these five ideas to your space. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Image Courtesy of Lula and Luca (more…)

What’s in my bike basket: Groceries By Bike


Grocery shopping with your bicycle basket doesn’t have to be a heavy load, however, it’s important to think ahead of the kind of shopping you’ll be doing on two wheels, that way you can plan ahead your route and the size basket you’ll need to carry your goodies home.


Some things essential to doing a quick grocery run, whether your pedaling 5 blocks down the street or rolling a mile away, is your bike lock, a sturdy bike basket, a small purse, and a tote bag. Easy for the haul, no?!

grocery_run_by_bike_7 Even wearing the right set of shoe gear to haul a load home can make the pushing easier. Thank goodness we don’t have to many hills in New York! My Minnetonkas are so comfortable and easy to pedal in.

grocery_run_by_bike_5 A view of what’s in my bike basket. It was a light shopping day.


Here’s what I carried home in my bike basket to and from the store, yay greens for pedal power! A bike lock is always a must along with a small handbag, that way carrying your goods home doesn’t become over powered by carrying a purse.


Pack List Destination: The Winery


1. Stylish Hand Painted Chevron Helmet by Belle Helmets

2. Peterboro Quick-Release Picnic Basket

3. Maps Your Ride to a winery using this app, keep track of your distance, activity, the types of wine you’re tasting, and share with your friends.

4. Always keep a repair kit like this Mopha Tool Roll that’s easy to attach to  your bike and use just in case you run into a little flat on your wine tour.

5. When wine tasting, it’s always best to carry a water bottle like this Klean Kanteen Reusable water bottle that you can refill to keep you hydrated.

6. Snacks will keep your energy going and stamina stronger on bike when you treat yourself, try our favorite Kind Bar.

7. Keep an Oopsmark Wine Rack on handy just in case you decide to carry away a wine bottle on your way home, you’ll be happy to you did.

Snacking Wise: 3 Treats for Health-Conscious Cyclists

Alright, so the pint of Ben & Jerry’s we scarfed down last night didn’t make this list (it was so worth it though… have you tried Cinnamon Buns?!).  But today’s a new day, right?  We haven’t given up snacking, but now we’re snacking smarter.  While raw fruit and veggies are always on the list of good go-tos, sometimes you just need a little bit more oomph.  We hear that. These are our three favorite healthy snacks that’re great for bodies in motion.imageImage courtesy of BigPics[[MORE]]

1. Chocolate-Coconut Vegan Raw Bars: Don’t let the words “vegan” or “raw” deter you – these knock-off Almond Joy bars by Beard and Bonnet are even better than the real thing.  They’re also super quick to make in the blender or food processor, and can be wrapped and kept in the fridge for up to a week or frozen for a month.  The best part?  This indulgent snack is good for you – the recipe page also describes the myriad nutritional benefits.image

2. Almond Butter, Banana, and Oat Smoothie: This recipe by Ambitious Kitchen is one of our all-time favorites.  We can’t even tell how you many times we’ve turned to this creamy smoothie for a quick breakfast or afternoon nosh.  The oats give it a super rich texture while the banana and almond butter are a true taste treat.  It’s packed with tons of good protein, and it’s always good to get a serving of fruit in any way you can.  It’s also easy to enjoy when you’re bike-bound: just pour into a travel mug or jar.imageImage courtesy of Ambitious Kitchen

3. Need a salt fix?  Try popchips.  Whoever discovered that popping potatoes is not only healthier than baking or frying them AND just as delicious deserves a medal.  We love popchips for an on-the-go snack because they’re super crunch and flavorful – just as satisfying as a traditional potato chip – but so much better for you.  These days you can find them just about anywhere you’d find more traditional snacks, and they come in a bunch of different flavors to satisfy any palate.  Plus, Katy Perry loves ’em!imageImage courtesy of Nourishing the Soul

Pack List: The perfect picnic (by bike!)


1.) Natural Bug Repellent by Beekman Mercantile: Deter uninvited guests the natural way with this bug repellent stick.  It’s all natural and, while it will keep bugs at bay, it actually smells really nice.

2.) Morning Kite by Fredericks & Mae: You won’t feel dejected if somebody tells you to go fly this kite, that’s for sure.  The silkscreened paper is stretched over a bamboo frame, creating a light, and beautiful, way to spend a day at the park.

3.) Pearl sunhat by Brixton: Keep cool and protect your eyes with this sweet, classic straw hat by Brixton.  We love the folded band – it’s perfect for year-round fun in the sun.

4.) Potato SaladGotta have some potato salad if you’re going to have a true picnic.  We like this recipe by Lingonberry Jam, but feel free to use your mom’s secret formula (if she’ll share).

5.) Peterboro Quick Release Picnic BasketThis is the most classic picnic basket, and it’s roomy enough for all your goodies and is outfitted with a quick release mount so you can get straight to picnicking once you’re at the park.

6.) Oopsmark Bicycle Wine RackWell, how else are you going to get your wine to the picnic?  This no-fuss solution is comprised of beautiful leather straps that make it easy transport an otherwise unwieldly (but completely necessary) bottle of the good stuff.

7.) A Picnic BlanketThis is the true foundation of any picnic.  We like this waterproof picnic blanket from ModernCabin.  They’re big enough for the whole gang, and nobody will have to worry about the morning dew thanks to the waterproof nylon lining.

Spotlight: Oopsmark Bicycle Wine Rack

Remember: She who brings the booze automatically becomes the most popular. So use this bicycle wine rack, and you’ll be the life of the party (or picnic). Plus, the vegetable-tanned leather will add sophistication to your frame. 

Why we love at Eleanor’s: It combines two of our most favorite things: wine and bikes. 

Bike Makeover: Picnic Ready

If you’re planning a summer picnic by way of bike, but fear you’re bike isn’t glammed out enough for this season, fear not! Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories for Ladies is here to show you just how easy it is to give your bike a makeover with just a few simple accessories! Below is the before, but with just a few quick fixes your bike can be picnic-ready in no time! Here’s how: 


First we added a vintage creel bicycle basket, which is perfect for holding utensils, sandwiches, those deeply lusted after cookies, and a bike lock.

Then we added a bike bell to inform passerby’s that you’re coming through because lunch is calling and it cannot wait!

We attached a bicycle rear rack to the back so we could secure on our vintage Dewar’s Scotch Whisky Upcycled bicycle crate. However we carry a variety of crates you can choose from if you’re not a scotch or whiskey kind of girl. These spacious bicycle crates are perfect for carrying blankets and a baguette!

We then added a fun waterproof polka dot seat cover to keep the seat dry in case it rains, though perish the thought.


With these few simple adjustments you and you’re bike are picnic-ready. Bon Appetit!

Hooray for Rosé: Our 4 Favorite Pink Wines

Although there’s something to be said for a sophisticated glass of red wine, but now that your layers have gotten lighter, shouldn’t your wine, too?  We think that a nice bottle of rosé is just the thing for summer-hungry palates.  In addition to being crisp and refreshing, a good bottle of rosé shouldn’t run you more than about $25-$30 – not too bad at all.

imageImage Courtesy of Village Voice

Under $10 – Chivite Gran Feudo Rosado 2011: We love this light, fruity wine that has some raspberry and strawberry flavors.image


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