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Bike Interview with Accessories Designer Silke Jacobs

Silke Jacobs

1. Tell us about bySilkeJacobs?

The idea for my namesake line of bags and accessories came about 3 years ago when I started sewing again to make fun and practical bags for myself and friends. After a few months of experimenting and creating my own designs, I realized how much I enjoyed the process and decided to open up an Etsy shop. As the orders kept coming in, I expanded my brand, collection, and customer base. My current collection includes a wide variety of accessories ranging from coin purses and pencil pouches to shoulder bags and totes.


11 Must See Creative Bike Parking

Bike parking can be a bore, finding bike parking can be work too, but creative minds like David Brynes are collaborating with cities to make storing your precious steed a little more fun and easy. We’ve gone around the web and our neighborhood to check out the latest creations of fun bike racks to get you excited to find the next destination to park.

Here are 11 creative and unique bike parking that we love:


Photo Courtesy of Dandy Horse Magazine worldbikeparking

Photo Courtesy of Bike Portland yarnbombbikerack (more…)

DIY Flower Crown For Your Bike Ride

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 6.38.33 PM

{ Image: Niki Adams }

Flower crowns are prefect accessory for weddings, concerts and even a bike ride as we saw from SkirtBike. The flower crowns are super easy to make at home. We came across this amazing video tutorial on how to make a flower crown from Stone Fox Brides and just had to share.

July 4th Bike Parades: 5 Must See Decorations

Summer is here and Fourth of July is this Friday. Yay! Every year around this time, we love to decorate our bikes in red, white and blue with flags and streamers and join the neighborhood bike parade. To help inspire your bike parade decorations we rounded up five must see ideas for our country’s birthday.   Memorial_Day_Bike-Parade-3 Memorial_Day_Bike_Parade-2 Memorial_Day_bike_Parade



Wax Seal Stamp with Bicycle Icon



I was looking for a new bicycle stamp and I came across this cute waxed stamp on Etsy. All you have to do is purchase the wax and stamp and follow these easy instructions. 

1) Light up the sealing wax
2) Drip the wax on your preferred surface (paper, glass, ceramics, etc)
3) Place the stamp on the wax, 
4) Wait for a few seconds
5) Lift it up slowly and it’s done!

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