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Winter Biking: Quick & Easy DIY Hairstyle


Bike helmets and hats can be a highlight of winter biking style, but sadly, bundling up in a bike helmet frequently leaves our hair static-y, flat, and utterly messed-up. As a result, we tend to skimp on the styling. So my best friend and fellow biker Greer and I pulled together a quick and easy hair tutorial for milkmaid braids to go under your bike helmet. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • Bike helmet
  • Bobbie Pins
  • 2 Hair ties
  • Hairspray


STEP 1: Start by parting your hair down the middle so that both sides have equal amounts.


STEP 2: Gather half of your hair on one side of your head and begin to tightly braid this section. Secure the bottom with a hair tie.  (more…)

DIY: Bike Basket Pom Pom Garland



Everyone loves a pom pom and they’re so easy to make if you have the right tools. We created this super easy DIY pom pom garland tutorial to add some fun flair to your bike basket.

You will need:

  1. Woven bike basket
  2. Two balls of yarn in your favorite colors (we picked red and white for Valentine’s Day)
  3. Pair of crafting scissors
  4. Pom pom makers in multiple sizes. We got the makers from here

Step 1: Open up your pom pom maker and wrap the yarn tightly around the maker. The thicker you wrap your yarn the fuller your pom pom.


Close the one side of the pom pom maker and continue to wind the yarn around the spool around the other side. (more…)

4 Easy DIY Holiday Gifts For Cyclists

Still searching for the prefect gift? A DIY merry making holiday gift for a cyclist just might be your way to delighting a bicycle enthusiast who loves a creative and homemade gift. We’ve rounded up 4 of our favorite DIY bicycle crafts for your holiday gift giving. Now, get ready to craft near the Christmas tree!
1. Our DIY Upcycled Bicycle Crate featured on Design Sponge


 2.  Easy Adjustable DIY Crochet Mittens. Check out the pattern here. warm-yourself-bike-handwarmers

3. Easy Bike Basket DIY Bunting from Claireabellemakes clairbelle_diy_bicycle_baset_bunting_garland1

4. DIY Felt Bike Ornaments inspired from FilzFelt



Check out more Bike DIY here cute_bike_gear


5 Ways to Decorate Your Bike for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us so why not decorate your bike with some holiday cheer. From glowing lights to bike basket with trees to wreaths we pulled together 5 easy ways to deck your bike with some holiday cheer.

1. Add a festive wreath to your front bike basket. Check out this cute Bike DIY from The House That Lars Built.


2. Add some festive lights to your bicycle to make it sparkle.  Chrismas-lights-1

3. Add some sprigs of cedar and pinecones to your rear bike basket. Make sure to secure with some wire so they don’t fly out while you ride.


Faded Charm

4.  Deliver your presents to friends and family in style by adding some garland and holly to your bike basket.  Bike_Basket_Christmas

5. Add a decorated tree to your bike basket.  Christmas_Bike_Decorations

6 Bike Friendly Halloween Costumes Ideas



Image Credit: buzzfeed

It’s that time of year where the leaves are changing, the air is chilly, we’re drinking pumpkin spice lattes and of course planning Halloween costumes. Many of us are riding our bicycles for Halloween festivities, parties and parades so we decided to round up 6 bike-friendly Halloween costumes. Here are a few of our favorites riders to help get your creative juices flowing.

Bike_Halloween_2 (more…)

Adorable Handmade Fox Mittens for Bike Riding


Fall weather is upon us, and it’s time to start thinking about Fall weather cycling gear. So when we came across these adorable knitted gloves on Etsy from the Polish designer warmYourself we just had to share. These gloves makes your morning bike journey a bit more cozy and comfortable.

Fox Gloves Bike

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