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Catherine Baba: The Ultimate in Bicycle Chic

What can we say?  We just love Catherine Baba.  The French stylist has worked for brands such as Givenchy and Chanel, and is noted for her quirky tendency to arrive at Paris fashion shows by bike.

This photo is what we aspire to this spring.  We not only want her vintage digs, we think the oversized lily is just the thing this season. 

Her turban also reminds us of the one we just featured in our article 7 bike friendly hairstyles.

imagePhoto Credit: Vanessa Jackman

Happy Presidents’ Day: Our Favorite Biking Bureaucrats

Regardless of their stance on the fiscal cliff, foreign policy, or oil drilling, one this is for sure: US presidents love to pedal.  John F. Kennedy once said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike,” it seems that many of our nation’s leaders agree.  Eleanor’s put together a few of our favorite photos of presidents past and present hitting the streets on their bicycles although their bike gear isn’t always so hip and chic.

President Obama is a cool customer aboard his bike.  image

Photo Credit: Mad Dog Media

Say what you will, but we think President Bush knows how to sport his cycling gear.


Photo Credit:

Going back one term further, we see Bill Clinton doing a bit of off-roading.


Photo Credit: The Bicycle Story

Who’s this handsome devil?  Oh, it’s just a young Ronald Reagan, out for a spin.

imagePhoto Credit: The Bicycle Story

A youthful Gerald Ford astride his bicycle.  


Photo Credit: IPL

Even crooks ride bikes, and that includes Richard Nixon, ironically pictured here among the cherry blossoms of Washington DC.

imagePhoto Credit: The Bicycle Story

And lastly, dear old Theodore Roosevelt.  Widely known as the most active President of the United States, one can only assume he was a seasoned cycler although we could find no photographic evidence.  We do know, however, that he was an early proponent of alternative forms of transportation.

imagePhoto Credit: The History Channel

Our Favorite Celebs Take A Spin

It’s hard to look this good on a bike, but with some inspiration from these cycling celebrities (and a few accessories), you too can bike like the stars.


If you like to ride in a skirt like songstress Taylor Swift, you’re going to need one of these elasticized, silk skirt garters from Bird Industries. These handy little garters come in a variety of colors and are key when it comes to riding safely and modestly in a skirt or dress.


If you like some company when you’re on the road, take a cue from Hillary Duff. She can bring along a friend with a caged-lid basket like this one from the Nantucket Bike Basket Company. The sturdy rattan basket and the easily removable and washable pillow assure that you’ll both travel in comfort and style.


Taking a trip back in time, we can see that bicycle bells are as timeless as Elizabeth Taylor’s classic beauty. Recreate this look with your own bell, like this one from SpokeNWheel, inspired by vintage diamond brooches.


It-girl Zooey Deschanel knows how to do retro right, even when it comes to her bicycle. Although it might take some searching to find a cute sailor suit, it’s easy enough to get this period look with an upcycled wicker bike basket. This repurposed trout fishing basket fits right on your handlebars and even has a lid so you can stow your things safely.


For more inspiration from biking beauties past and present, check out Eleanor’s Celebrities on Bikes Pinboard on our Pinterest.

Green With Envy, Of Her Awesome Bike That Is!

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Celebrities on Bikes Pinterest Board

We can’t stop pinning cycle chic inspiration boards for Eleanor’s. Here is one of favorite pinterest boards showcasing celebrities on bikes. Come pin with us!

Kerri Russell Rides

I was just up at my local farmer’s market in Brooklyn and I spotted Keri Russell with her husband and two children shopping for apples.

It made me think of my Pinterest board “Celebrities On Bikes.” Here is a picture from the board of Keri Russell looking so chic while riding her bike.

Mary Martin Rides A Bike


Mary Martin tiptoes a bike.

Hollywood Rides A Bike


Mystery movie gals ride bikes, and wield mallets.

Note: Free “Hollywood Rides a Bike” book for the first person to identify actresses and/or film. We think this is an RKO General Pictures publicity photo, probably from the mid-’30s. Send your suggestions to: (No “a”)

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