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Bicycle Muse: Tziporah Salamon

Tziporah Salamon is a well known personal stylist, fashion consultant, and performance artist living in New York. A favorite of Bill Cunningham’s, she has also appear in a Lanvin campaign in 2013. Also, Tziporah loves to ride a bike around NYC.  Silver_Bike_Riders Tziporah Salamon-6 Tziporah Salamon-5 Tziporah Salamon-4 Tziporah Salamon-3

Celebrity Bike Style: Jessica Alba

Actress, mom and businesswoman…we just love and admire Jessica Alba. Since the launch of her toxic free lifestyle brand The Honest Brand, Jessica has also been seen riding her bike more in public. While riding a bike, Jessica always looks fabulous and has amazing carefree style.You go gurl!



6 U.S. Presidents Who Ride A Bike

Happy President’s Day! In honor of George Washington’s Birthday, we pulled together 6 U.S. Presidents of the past and present who enjoy a good bike ride. Sadly, these biking bureaucrats are not always so chic and could use a few tips.

Obama Bike

44th U.S. President: Barack Obama


43rd U.S. President: George W. Bush


42nd U.S. President: Bill Clinton


39th U.S. President: Jimmy Carter


41st U.S. President: George H. W. Bush


40th U.S. President: Ronald Reagan


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