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TGIF: A Q&A with Kate Ruebenson of Crown Heights!

image1. What do you do for a living?
I split my time between working in retail (a baby store in Greenpoint), internships that have to do with what I want to pursue as a legit grown up (I just finished a 6.5 month stint at a literary agency that represents the rights for book to film adaptions, and I am beginning an internship at Poets House this spring), and other odds and ends (kidsitting and homework helping a wonderful 12 year old, and helping the head of Poets House catalogue her ever-growing poetry collection). Six to seven days a week, I’m working.
2. How would you describe your style?
Lately, I’m trying to have fun. This means mixing, of all sorts. For example: colors, patterns, and textures. Why not pair pastel pink shoes with blue and white polka dot pants and a girly white peter-pan colored top? Or tan corduroys with a jean jacket and a colorful head scarf? The other day I put on a black and white gingham dress, then, in a rush to get out of the house, threw on top of it my mother’s long-sleeved navy and white polka dot shirt (aside: it sounds like I have a high-grade dependency on polka dots, but really, those are the only two polka related things I own). Red jeans with black cowboy boots and a yellow buttonup? Yes. I have a checkered black, brown, and charcoal coat that I’ve taken to wearing with everything. I like changing my earrings to bear/pig/cow studs, but on occasion copper plated dangly earrings…there’s some hippy going on with a teensy bit of punk, a weensy bit of old-school, and I guess a fair touch of hipster. I have the calculator watch (but it’s actually mine, from the 90s, when I was 10 and stole it from my dad). I’m very much into bags. I have a lovely forrest green L.L. Bean frame pack that I use when my back is particularly whiney.  I keep a running list of ideas inspired by people I pass on the street or something I see online. I creepily take pictures of people’s shoes with my iPhone on the subway. I read New York Magazine religiously and sometimes get ideas from the people they feature in their Look Book section. 

4. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride? 
Over the summer I biked from the Upper West Side (up by Columbia) down to Battery Park, where I worked at a farm-to-table kiosk, in Riverside Park and along the path by the West Side Highway. I love that route because you’re pretty much following the water, almost the entire time.

5. Does your bike have a story?
It was my mom’s bike from *way back when (*way back when=can’t pin down exactly when she got it). But for as long as I’ve been on the planet (23 years and some) it has. Brakes have had issues, gears have had issues…she’s had her fair share of troubles. That being said, I had her in college, and I loved riding into downtown Saratoga from Skidmore College’s campus on weekend days or weekday evenings to work (read, write, as English majors do much of) at my favorite coffee shop. I’d also ride it to class. In the periods where I didn’t ride it, because of the terrible horrible no good very bad cycling conditions (sleet, ice) I would pause outside my dormitory sometimes to say hello to my bike like a friend who you haven’t seen in a while.

6. What is your favorite restaurant in NY?
Tough one. I grew up here so I have many. For to-go food, the best bagels are at Absolute (107th and Broadway) and the best pizza is Sal & Carmines (102nd and Broadway). For the best sit-down meal, Good Enough to Eat (84th and Amsterdam) or Popover (87th and Amsterdam). For the best dessert, Café Lalo (83rd between Broadway and Amsterdam). Do you notice a trend? I grew up on the Upper West Side. For not Upper West Side favorites, I’d say Veselka (East Village) or Chevela’s (Crown Heights).

7. Early bird or night owl?
Want to be an early bird, very very much a night owl.
8. Who is someone you admire?
Oh god, this is the part where I say my mom, and you judge me.
9. What’re you up to this weekend?
Hanging out with friends and doing things which include but are not limited to drinking wine and cooking meals (Friday night in) and going to a live show then a bar (Saturday night out). And during the day, working. I’d like to believe I’ll fit some alone, read-a-book-and-decompress-time in there somewhere, but likely not.

Citibike Installaton

@citibike installing new bike share outside @eleanors headquarters! #spring #bikeshare #bikenyc (at Eleanor’s HQ)

TGIF: 6 Questions for Suze Lindell of Recycle-A-Bicycle


Photo by Dmitry Gudkov

Q: What is Recycle a Bicycle? What is your role at RAB?

A: Recycle A Bicycle is a non-profit organization that utilizes the bicycle as a resource to foster youth development, environmental education, community engagement, and healthy living. Through retail storefronts, social entrepreneurship, and innovative programs, Recycle-A-Bicycle empowers the youth of New York City. 

My official title at RAB is Director of Retail Operations. I am the shop manager of our Dumbo location and my daily role includes many jobs. I typically can be found working on repairs, helping customers, doing ordering of inventory for the shop, and scheduling employees. 

Q: Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

A: I love going on longer rides to fun places like the beach. Basically anything that takes me through neighborhoods that I don’t normally visit is also refreshing and has been a great way for me to get to know the city. Bicycle riding is my preferred way to get everywhere!

Q: Does your bike have a story?

A: I have a few bicycles and they all have stories. That’s what is great about them, they may not be super expensive but they have special meaning to me. My main bike is a Surly that I bought from an old coworker. It is the first “nice” bike I bought for myself and it is a workhorse and it’s paid for itself over and over again. I have beautiful old Trek that was given to me by a good friend which makes that special. My most recent bike is a single speed mountain bike with a crazy paint job that I built for myself because I wanted to feel like a kid again bouncing around the city on a fat tire bike. Working at a bike shop it can be easy to acquire a lot of bikes but I prefer to keep my collection to a minimum and just change up the style of my bikes with different parts or accessories from time to time. 

Q: What is your favorite restaurant in Brooklyn?

A: There are so many great restaurants in Brooklyn it’s hard to pick one! I’m a homebody and I like to cook so mostly I stay in but if I’m going out I like to go to places near my home or job. Superfine is right near the bike shop and I love to stop by there to say hello to the staff, have a nice dinner, or just sit for a beer with coworkers. For down home pizza cravings I go to Il Porto near my house. Their pizza is great and the service is so welcoming!

Q: Early bird or night owl?

A: These days, I’m an early bird. I work at noon though so I have to motivate myself to get up and do things before work. It’s easy to get lazy.

Q: Who is someone you admire?

A: Honestly, I admire my coworkers. They are all such great people. I’m inspired by the younger folks we work with at the shop and I’m always learning from my peers!

Wanderlust Wednesdays: Eleanor’s Pop-Up Shop Coming To Brooklyn Flea

We’re giving you one more reason to be excited about the arrival of spring: Starting this weekend, we’ll have a pop-up shop at one of our favorite destinations, Brooklyn Flea. Every Saturday in Fort Greene and every Sunday in Williamsburg until Winter 2013, we’ll be there—and we’d love to see you. Stop by and chat, check out our newest products, grab a bite (the Flea’s array of eating options is amazing), and give Birdie, our store dog, a pat. Spring can’t come fast enough!

Fort Greene: Saturdays-April 6, April 20, April 27
Williamsburg: Sundays-April 7, April 21, April 28


Spring/Summer 2013 Bicycle Chic Photo Shoot at Eleanor’s HQ

Happy March 1st Lovecats!

Last Friday Eleanor’s Stylish Bicycle Accessories For Ladies and vintage mavens Honeysuckle & Hearts Vintage pulled together an amazing bicycle chic photo shoot in Eleanor’s Brooklyn loft office. The photo shoot was to showcase some new bicycle accessories from Eleanor’s for Spring Summer 2013 cycling.

All photos were shot by the amazing and talented Simona of Rada Marin Photography

Here is a behind the scene picture of the bicycle chic photo shoot of beautiful Kai Brown and Joseph Mesiano showcasing the GiveLoveCycle’s small black and white bike bag.


Ljubica Chatam models the House of Talent hand woven bicycle basket and vintage bicycle picnic basket. 


More pictures from the photoshoot to come. 

Cha Cha Cha Changes…in Bike Culture That Is!


I came across this article from CNN called “Pedal perfect: Bikers shed spandex to inspire new riders” by Emanuella Grinberg.

This article says bike stores like Eleanor’s are popping up in communities that look more like trendy boutiques than repair shops, with the goal of redefining urban bike culture.

The target customers are new and aspiring cyclists, and commuters who might be turned off by the functional atmosphere of traditional bike shops. What they’ll find are upright and cruiser bikes in pink and green, helmets like equestrian caps, woven baskets, canvas and leather panniers and, literally, bells and whistles.

In the article, they talk about Tweed Rides where a group cyclist wear vintage clothing and accessories and ride through a city. The ride focuses more on the slow cycle movement then sport cycling. I think our Choirbox fender mudflap or vintage upcycled bicycle crate would be perfect addition to any tweed ride.

Check out the full CNN article. 

Navigating Through Post-Hurricane Sandy Terrain

                 Wanderlust Wednesdays: 6 Ways to Prep For Post Sandy Commute

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy this past week.  Eleanor’s made it through in one piece, and we feel very lucky.  A short walk around our neighborhood here in Brooklyn reminds us that other homes and businesses weren’t so lucky.  If you are feeling equally lucky and would like to help out, here’s a link to a list of volunteer organizations in the tri-state area that could use a hand or a donation.

The cleanup is underway, but certain parts of the daily routine aren’t quite back to normal.  Many are returning to work today, but with public transportation still uncertain, you may be considering biking to the office rather than driving or sharing a cab.  We say great!  We love commuting to work on our bike, and luckily there are plenty of accessories that will keep you chic for your ride to work and beyond.  Here are a few tips to make your ride enjoyable and safe.

  1. Fenders are a must have.  Keep the puddles from creating that wonderful splash pattern on your backside (unless of course you’re going for that look).  
  2. Load your purse and other essentials into a Bobbin Bicycles pannier—it’s shaped like a vintage satchel, but is crafted out of water-resistant woven straw. 
  3. Stay dry in these posts Hurricane squalls.  Keep your clothes fresh and dry with the stylish Iva Jean Rain Cape.  
  4. Protect your most important asset.  Top your tresses with a hand-painted Belle helmet featuring a Missoni-like pattern
  5. And make sure to stay safe (and look cute) in traffic with a bicycle squeeze horn
  6. Make sure they can see you coming (and going).  Clip on these Bookman lights for the ride back home in the evening.

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