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Winter Biking: Quick & Easy DIY Hairstyle


Bike helmets and hats can be a highlight of winter biking style, but sadly, bundling up in a bike helmet frequently leaves our hair static-y, flat, and utterly messed-up. As a result, we tend to skimp on the styling. So my best friend and fellow biker Greer and I pulled together a quick and easy hair tutorial for milkmaid braids to go under your bike helmet. Let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • Bike helmet
  • Bobbie Pins
  • 2 Hair ties
  • Hairspray


STEP 1: Start by parting your hair down the middle so that both sides have equal amounts.


STEP 2: Gather half of your hair on one side of your head and begin to tightly braid this section. Secure the bottom with a hair tie.  (more…)

Braids Galore: Fall Trend for Bike-Friendly Hair


Image Credit: Modcloth

Let’s get this discussion out of the way: HELMET HAIR. WE SAY NO WAY! And Fall of all seasons, is about reinvention and renewal. When it comes to Fall, hair, and bike helmets, having a stylish mane is totally doable with this trend of braids on braids on braids. Braiding your hair with in multiple strands and width is a great twist for a throwback do under your bike helmet. Here are some inspiration for your next morning ride.

Braids-1 (more…)

DIY Milk Maid Braids For Bike Helmet-Friendly Hair


Even though we’re on the fall foliage and apple picking side of Labor Day weekend, this recent heatwave hitting the East coast and much of the country reminded us at Eleanor’s that we shouldn’t say goodbye to our great summer riding tips just yet.  One style trend that we love is donning milk maid braids on these sweltering days to keep cool and breezy.  We found this simple and chic DIY from our friends at Sassy Sparrow. It’s a great hairstyle no matter what your transportation choice, but it excels when it comes time to throw on your Belle helmet.  Stylish, cooling and helmet-head resilient.  Who could ask for a better hairstyle in these dog days of…fall?

DIY_Milk_Maid_Braids { Image Courtesy of Sassy Sparrow }


DIY Turban for Bike Friendly Hair


{ Bike Soup }

Need a fashionable solution to keep hair in place while you ride your bike on a windy day? We found a great DIY tutorial for a fashion turban from Framboise Fashion to keep your tresses in place. Also, this fashion turban is a chic way to keep your hair looking chic under your bike helmet.

4 Steps to Bike Friendly Hair

1. Curl up a scarf and place it at the back of your head.
2. Twist the two sides in the front of your forehead and tie a knot on the back of your head.
3. Cover your head with the end of the scarf from both sides.
4. Tuck the ends from the back in. Get ready to ride!


Bike Helmet Friendly Hair: 7 Ponytail Styles

Wearing a ponytail in your hair can be a quick, easy and stylish hairstyle for your on-the-go lifestyle. But wearing a ponytail under your bike helmet can be a challenge.  We don’t want you sans helmet while you ride your bike so we rounded up 7 chic ponytail styles that fit nicely under your bike helmet. Ponytail_cycling-1

Image Credit: Little Winter Bride

1. French twist ponytail– Inspired by the super-low ponytails on recent runways (but with a decorative braiding accent), this tail is on the cutting edge. Click here for a tutorial.


Image Credit: Pinterest (more…)

5 Bike Helmet-Friendly Short Hair Styles

If you’re rocking a short ‘do under a bike helmet, then consider yourself a self-confident badass in our book. However, just because you embrace your short tresses doesn’t mean you can’t fall into a hair rut after a sweaty bike ride. But luckily for you, styling you’re helmet hair is easier than dodging winter puddles. So to ensure to keep your short hair from aching, we rounded up 5 easy short hair styles for daily bike commute. Whether you want to go soft and romantic or sleek and sexy, gals with long locks are going to have some serious hair envy.


Image Courtesy of Sawako Furuno (more…)

5 DIY Nail Art Designs Inspired by Bikes

If you’ve ever eyed a fun, fierce nail art design with envy, prepare to gain some serious painting prowess of your own. These bicycle inspired decals and designs are to die for, and will inspire tons of experiments with colors and techniques. We’ve been around the nail art block a time or two, and shocking admirers with “we did this ourselves” never, ever gets old. bicyclnails Image Courtesy of I Speak Bike

After a quick click-though, you’ll learn the step-by-step basics of turning your love for bicycles into homemade nail art genius. Practice makes perfect, and don’t be surprised if you’re instantly obsessed with DIY nail art. Locate your polish, your patience, and have some fun! (more…)

Winter Cycle Style: Winter Hair

Helmets and hats can be a highlight of winter style, but sadly, bundling up in a cap under a helmet frequently leaves our hair static-y, flat, and utterly mussed-up. As a result, we tend to skimp on the styling (why put in the effort when our coiffs are going to get ruined, anyway?), which leaves us looking schlump-y on the street — and downright disheveled once we get inside.

From the perfect textured ‘do curls to glam waves to complement your boho-glam cap, these styles will look amazing on their own, and even better when accessorized. Check out these looks and DIY them, stat. Staying cozy never looked this glam. preferredmodewinter Image Courtesy of Preferred Mode


Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

The Curly Bob- Curly hair is the perfect candidate for a faux bob, as the extra texture makes the style less stark and more genuine-looking. This look is perfect after taking off a helmet and doing a quick fix to look like you were’t wearing a helmet at all.

winterhair3 Image Courtesy of Home And Delicious

The Messy Pony– LOVE ponytails? They don’t have to be sleek and picture-perfect to pull off. In our opinion-the messier the pony, the better.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

The Turban– Whether you want to warm your ears in this chilly weather or look tres boho, the turban piece is an unexpected touch but really ties the entire look together and makes it feel warm for a fresh winter look.

winterhair5 Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

Parted Bangs– We know you’ve been growing them out all winter, so why not try a different look with them? Part them to the middle or to the side et viola, you have sweat free bangs under that helmet and a whole new you!


Image Courtesy of Refinery29

Fishtail Braid-  The ever-baffling fishtail braid (we swear, it’s easier than it looks!), perfect for an under the helmet delicate look.

6 Hairstyles To Wear Under Your Bike Helmet

Let’s get this discussion out of the way: HELMET HAIR. WE DON’T LIKE IT! And fall of all seasons, is about reinvention and renewal. When summer ends and the cooler temps allow everyone to finally (and literally) let their hair down, we’re usually dazzled by the reappearance of flowing tresses, new angled short cuts, braids galore, and styles that are thrown in a twist for a throwback do. When it comes to fall, hair, and bike helmets, having a stylish mane it’s totally doable and we are here to show you how to style those tresses under a bike helmet throughout the cooler season.


Image Courtesy of Little Winter Bride
braid-tutorial-hair-cupofjo Image Courtesy of Cup Of Jo

1. Half Braided Crown: This is perfect hair for curly hair and under your bike helmet. This style is feminine, flattering and grown-up look on and off your bike.

three-buns-hair-how-to-bun-hair-style-tutorial Image Courtesy of Cup Of Jo

2. Three Twisted Bun: Casual enough to wear every day, but high-fashion enough to wear on a bike ride out. To get the look right, you’ll want to start with second-day hair that’s either naturally straight or blown out to get a smooth texture — that’s what gives this ‘do its sculptural effect. turbands-helmethair Image Courtesy Of Gold Saturn

3. The Velvet Turban: Turbans are perfect for those days when you really cannot bother with managing your hair and yet can still pull off a chic look. Velvety enough to keep your head warm and still looking fashionista, we also love these printed turbans by Robin Hoods that are perfect for wearing under your bike helmet. helmethairstyle Image Courtesy of Creative Fan

4. Messy Head: With varying lengths to play with—from hovering around the shoulders to an inch-long pixie cut—the short messy look offers more options that you think. And in terms of styling, there are alternatives aplenty to the basic, blunt, overly poofy mushroom head in a bike helmet. Plus messy fringes are always cute looking after a bike ride. helmet-hairstyles Image Courtesy of Refinery 29

5. The Leia Braid: sacrificing safety over style doesn’t need to happen along a twisted braid. Although we love a do that’s easy to fit in a bike helmet, we can’t get over how elegant and genius this style easy suits our safety. messytwist-hair IMage Courtesy Of Refinery 29

6. Not So Lady Like Twist: This twisted textured style is a little prim with bad ladyness, perfect for those rigorous bike rides when you’re feeling like a wonder lady on two wheels.

Want more inspiration for your hair? Check out this article.

Our Girl Monday: Zooey Deschanel (+ tips for biking with bangs!)

Does it get any cuter?  Probably not.  Everybody’s favorite fringed It-Girl has won our hearts time and time again, but this time we’re especially digging her retro cycling style, especially her charming woven bike basket.imageImage courtesy of Rubber Sole Vintage

But this snapshot begs the eternal question: how does one chicly bike with bangs?  It can be a huge hassle, especially in the summer and, what’s more, when they’ve been matted down under a helmet.  But there’s hope!  Take a look at our 3 keys to successful banged biking.

1. Dry Shampoo: We typically use a bit of dry shampoo after styling our bangs as a preventative measure, but we also like to keep a small travel-size canister on hand for post-ride touch-ups to absorb sweat and maintain your ‘do.  There’s an increasing number of dry shampoos on the market, but we love tried and true Batiste.  It won’t leave a powdery residue and comes in a variety of scents to suit your mood.imageImage courtesy of

2. Keep a comb handy: It’s the easiest thing ever to keep a small comb on your person at all times.  This trusty tool is orders of magnitude better than your fingers when it comes to separating sweaty bangs and smoothing them out after a breezy bike trip.  You can pick one up at your neighborhood drugstore, of course, but if you want to be a bit fancier, we suggest this Anna Sui comb (sold by Urban Outfitters).image

Image courtesy of Urban Outfitters

3. The Hand Fan: It’s not just for grannies in church anymore.  We advocate keeping a folding hand fan in your bag throughout summer, especially if you’ve got a fringe.  Sometimes pure physics is the only way to fight the summer heat, and generating a bit of a breeze will help cool your down faster and evaporate sweat more quickly so you can touch up your bangs and be on your way in a snap.imageImage courtesy of Scimix

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