Bike Style Interview: Nicole of Bicycle Bonjour



1. Tell us about Bonjour Bicycle

Bonjour Bicycle is a light-hearted blog that aims to get more women transport cyclists on the road. For the longest, I wanted to bike to work in DC but was terrified of the traffic, not sure about what to wear, and knew little about bicycles (or any of the accessories) for commuting. At some point, I became tired of thinking about riding and just started. And once I did, I began to get questions from other women, like me, who wanted to ride, have professional/office jobs, kids, etc. but who still wanted to travel on a bike and do so with style.

2. What is your favorite bike route?

I’m not sure if it’s a route per se, but I love riding the bike lanes on Pennsylvania Ave. It’s such a great way to see the Capitol. And because the lanes are in the middle, you feel front and center.

3. How would you describe your bike style?

Girly, but practical. I love wearing fit-n-flare dresses, which are often considered girly. But these are also great for riding because you have so much freedom to move. Depending on the weather, I can pair them with tights, leggings, shorts, or a skirtweight, and I’m good to go.

4. What is your favorite restaurant?

This question is coming at the perfect time! My husband, son and I just came back from Charleston, SC and had the best experience at The Ordinary. The food was sublime, the service impeccable, and the setting perfect. Definitely an experience I will remember.

5. Who is someone you admire?

There are quite a few, but if I had to pick one it would be my mom. She’s incredibly strong – and has taught me to be strong – but with an equally big heart. I love her to bits!


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