Bike Style Interview: Fruzsi of Peachpatrol Designs

1. Tell us about your beautiful artwork?
My name is Fruzsi (pronounced froo-shee), I am an Adelaide (South Australia) based illustrator, ceramicist and cat lady. I have had my Etsy shop called ‘peachpatrol designs‘ for six years and am currently in the process of opening my own studio /retail space in Norwood in collaboration with Brick + Mortar. I make original paintings, limited edition prints and gift cards featuring my quirky lady portraits and illustrations of fictional creatures. I combine my love for poetry, design and art by making little thoughtful products using 100% recycled paper and natural pigments where-ever possible.

The amazing Historia Films made a short video about me 2 years ago, which invites you into my weird and wonderful world:

peachpatrol from Historia Films on Vimeo.

2. What is your favorite bike route?
My favourite bike routes are in Tokyo, where cyclists are so safe they don’t have to wear helmets or indicate when turning! Its my dream for the lovely town of Adelaide to catch up and really put cyclists’ safety first. This aside, I love riding through the parklands bordering the city, and along the beach from Brighton to Glenelg.

3. How would you describe your bike style?
I would describe my bike style as speedy, comfortable and functional – shorts or black jeans paired with boots, a plain singlet and maybe men’s flanny or bright jumper over the top. This is my usual studio ‘uniform’! I love exploring new suburbs and riding to coffee dates, especially when I can do it quickly and efficiently! This is why I love roadbikes and riding in clothes that are fitting and comfortable.

4. What is your favorite restaurant?
The lack of bike-lanes aside, Adelaide is tremendous for vegan food and outstanding coffee! My boyfriend and I are often found having lunch and coconut lattes at Nutrition Republic. The staff are really friendly and attentive and the quality of the ingredients is always fantastic.

5. Who is someone you admire?
I admire my beautiful mother Patricia for her talent, generosity and never-ending compassion. She has also been the greatest supporter of my work and my biggest fan. She is the best!

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