Bike Interview with Style Blogger Joua


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1. Tell us about your blog “Joua To The Rescue
I started my personal style blog in 2010 after being inspired by renowned fashion bloggers Chriselle Lim of “The Chriselle Factor” and Aimee Song of “Song of Style”. However, I stopped managing my blog between 2011 and early 2014 when my business partner Parker XL and I were on a mission to successfully run the first online fashion and entertainment magazine in Minnesota… something that would be unique from mainstream Minnesota fashion and entertainment. After having left my job there in April 2014, I realized that virtually every time I made a post on the blog, it was because I was bored. My boredom led me to pick up my blog again and hence the name, “Joua to the Rescue”.
My personal style blog is my form of entertainment by “rescuing” my boring days and those who just needs a quirky and lovely encouragement for the day. On “Joua To The Rescue” blog you’ll find my generally classy and sassy personal style, me playing with a random item sometimes such as a grapefruit, along with some fashion tips. For example, right now I am working on a “Budget-nista” collaboration that features an outfit that’s less than $100 from diverse well styled fashion bloggers who generally shop on a budget. I am content that I returned to blogging because it’s my outlet to connect with my passion for fashion, and friends and family with similar interest!
2. How would you describe your bike style?
My bike style tends to show case a classy spin that either complements or juxtaposes with the yellow bike. Bike riding should also be comfortable and stylish, so sometimes I may wear my white Ked-esque sneakers with midi dress, skirt or shorts and crisped button up.
3. What kind of bike do you ride and why?
I ride a “Schwinn Women’s Legacy 26″ Cruiser Bike – Yellow” from Target online. (The baby blue version is also available at physical Target locations!) I selected this bike because I wanted something that gave the sense of fun, joy and still stylish to ride for all destinations. I call this bike my essential wardrobe accessory because it makes an outfit brighter and unique.

4. What is your favorite bike route?
This summer I have been riding around the neighbor to re-explore the beautiful houses along the local Phalen Lake, as well as a method of exercising around this Lake, and including it as a wardrobe prop in my OOTD blog posts! I’ll be returning back to school at St. Olaf College this September as well, and would make a chic ride around campus and downtown with the friends. (I had a kid-size bike in my freshman year as gift from my boyfriend that brought some laughs and “awww” from the campus community; I hope to entertain the campus with this bright bike as well!)


Gina Her Photography }

5. What is your favorite restaurant?
I don’t necessarily have a favorite restaurant because of the food but it’s the friendship gathering that makes me return to that particular restaurant. I frequent quite often at Perkins with my friends to conclude a night hang out. While the customer service varies on the location, I like that Perkins is always opened late. It gives another place for the friends and I to laugh, talk about random topics and show eating etiquette to each. Food brings people together! *Cheers.

6. Who is someone you admire?
Aghhh…I admire my boyfriend whom I have been dating for eight or nine years as of 2014. He embodies an extensive patience when “art-crafting” his old-school rides and that makes me see that having patience is essential in the process of creating successful results. What positive traits I lack or traits to improve, I see them in him to help me improve myself professionally and personally. Like they say, opposites attract! Lol;p


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