Bike Interview: Tanya & Jeanne of Bike Stylish

Stylish_Bike 1. Tell us about Bike Stylish?

Jeanne: I love biking and as an entrepreneur often my destination is a business meeting, so looking professional and stylish when arriving at my meetings is key. Bike Stylish started as an Instagram project in the summer of 2013 when I was inspired to show friends that riding a bike can look just as slick and professional as driving the latest sports car. This small project morphed into an article on Elephant Journal Can’t be Stylish Biking? My 38 Days of Bike Photos Will Prove You Wrong. The response I received was fantastic, from those being inspired to hop onto their bikes for their commute, to others who had a flurry of questions as to how I actually got around in some of my outfits. The questions and interest in biking stylishly led to a series of Bike Stylish articles on Elephant Journal, an interview with the Waylon Lewis on Walk the Talk Show, a partnership with Tanya Dueri Photography, and finally the launch of in early March 2014.Our mission at Bike Stylish is to promote cycling as fun, attainable, and even aspirational, helping those who are on the fence about biking to understand how they can get around easily by bike and still look just as good (if not better) than when driving a car.

2. Where is your favorite destination for a bicycle ride?

Jeanne: I wouldn’t say I have a favorite destination for a bicycle ride as much as a favorite quantity of riding. I like to ride every day if possible: to work, running errands, to the gym, and just going out on the town Tanya and I recently went on a mountain bike trip to White Rim in Moab, Utah, and that was an unbelievable experience. Boulder, CO also has an amazing selection of breweries, so I loving biking around to grab a beer!

Tanya: As a photographer, I am often on the road traveling, and biking is a great way to really learn a new city. When home in Boulder, I bike around town and am an avid mountain biker, most recently taking Jeanne and 14 of my closest friends on a trip to Moab for my birthday. A few other favorite mountain bike destinations include Crested Butte, CO, and Park City, UT.

3. Does your bike have a story?

Tanya: I wish my bike had a cool story, but in reality I’ve just always wanted a green old-school Schwinn and found one on Craigslist for $120. I put about $30 into fixing up my commuter bike to get me around town. Biking stylishly doesn’t have to cost a lot!


Jeanne: My bike has an interesting history. The ’73 Maserati frame was found at the dump by my brother back in the early 2000s. He sanded it down, painted it, and put some other work into it and gave it to my father for a birthday present. My father is wed to his ‘72 Peugeot and never made the switch over to his new bike. Living in the Boston area and wanting a town bike, I stumbled across the yellow Maserati in my parents’ garage many years later. My father and I set about adding cables and handlebar tape, and did other maintenance to get the bike up and running around 2006. It has a lot of quirks and issues, and needs a new paint job desperately, but I love it!


4. What is your favorite restaurant?

Tanya: Honestly it’s probably the cheapo taco stand you would find at the beach in Mexico. The one with fresh shrimp and homemade salsa and guac! Although I like biking stylishly, I’m not much for fancy restaurants.

Jeanne: I like to cook at home – I can use all organic ingredients to make nutritious and delicious meals and it allows me to save my money for travel and other adventures! When I do go out, I love farm-to-table restaurants. I believe in keeping money and food as local to where you live as possible.

5. Who is someone you admire?

Jeanne: Yvon Chouinard, the founder of Patagonia, is one of my biggest role models. Chouinard has demonstrated that you can build a hugely successful business making high-quality products while reducing your environmental impact and financing amazing non-profit and activist work. A desire to build mission-focused businesses is what launched my communications agency 23 Sons and has fueled Bike Stylish.

Tanya: This has always been a hard question for me because there are so many unsung heroes that I admire in every day life. From my photography professor to National Geographic photographer and filmmaker Jimmy Chin – those who jump into their passions with full force have kept me on my artistic journey. It is individuals like these who inspired me to quit my corporate job and pursue my art full time.

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